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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Now that we have the whole albüerm...more "remix album we'll never get" wants/needs/shots in the dark!

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  2. Then go listen to The Fame Monster.
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  3. I’d love Junior Vasquez and David Morales remixes too for a full throwback moment (though I’m not sure if they’re still making music?).

    Also... I can see 1000 Doves (piano demo) being something she’d perform at the Grammys (if awards shows are back by then and she gets nominated & given a performance slot)
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  4. Loving that fact that everyone has different favourites. I am Holding out til 12 here in the uk. One hour to go!
  5. SMG


    I've just finished my first listen, and this is without a doubt a contender for her worst album - but I'm bopping nonetheless. It's beneath her, but it's just not quite beneath me.
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  6. Why did I know you were gonna pick up the 808 State reference as soon as I heard those loon calls?

    After sitting with this all day at work, I can easily say that 911 and Babylon are the album highlights for me. Also, I actually really like Plastic Doll. That pre-chorus when the beat drops out, then slowly fades back in under her vocals... yas gawd.
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  7. They're both still around! David would be perfect for Free Woman - I think I brought him up the other day in my other wishlist nn. Junior...has been more miss than hit for the better part of about fifteen years now, but it'd be cute for a throwback's sake.
  8. ffff I love her and her goofy ass. Find me with the rain Doug

    (my god I want that bathtub)
  9. Alice and the singles are quite good but I can't see myself going back to this album that much. It feels like, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, a collective of watered down versions of Dreamer (In the Style of Livin Joy - Karaoke With Backing Vocals). Babylon is so ridiculous but I'll ironically bop to it.

    Maybe it's a grower!
  10. I'm gonna sit here and ignore your opinions and wait the 6 hours it'll take for this album to be out.
  11. Who says we don't all live in New Zealand?
  12. Cause I know y'all don't dddd.
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  13. SMG


    I will say that this is the most open she's been when writing abut herself. She's not really held back.
  14. It wouldn't fit with the general vibe of anything she's going for this era, but I'd love a sadgirl MUNA remix of Rain on Me a la their work on Bon Appetit.

    Also just generally, Yaeji, Grimes and HANA for everything always.
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  15. What time is it? Chromatica o’clock.
  16. My deluxe from the UK shipped (along with one from Target), the 3 basic copies from the 3 tickets I purchased for the Chromatica Ball, the vinyl have all sent shipping notices... I'm afraid I'll get another shipping notice about another version of the album I preordered that I completely forgot about.
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  18. Rain On Me, Babylon and Replay are the three I'm probably going to end up taking after a third listen
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    I hate the flute sounding synth in the drop of Free Woman.
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  20. Is Love Me Right only an international bonus track or will there be some sort of target/deluxe edition for the US?
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