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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

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    This is cool!
  2. 12 hours later, I’m still overdosing on 911. My biggest enemy (when Ga drops an album) is not admiring an entire piece respectfully until I get sick of the instant favourites.
  3. Lyrically this album is as promised and was a surprisingly draining / downbeat listen. I need time to see how I feel about the sound + production as a whole, it all started to blend for me and I feel like there is some dynamism lacking. I will parse it out with time and see how it shakes out in the end.

    Replay into Sine From Above was the moment first time round. Babylon is there but I wished it was pushed even more, it feels like it’s climbing out of the grave to some towering gay exaltation it doesn’t quite reach.
  4. I’ve listened to the album twice now. A small handful of songs aside, I don’t like it. The production is the weakest point for me.

    I’m gonna sleep on it and give it a couple more spins tomorrow, hopefully the rest will grow on me.
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  5. Mess
  6. Sam


    That’s what I’m saying. That’s all there is to it.
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  7. I think Plastic Doll might be the only track I don’t like on the album but maybe it’ll grow on me.
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  8. I must not overplay "Alice" so early, but I keep coming back to it.
    Another few fresh listens to the album tomorrow before forming a proper opinion will be a good idea.
  9. Oh, I see. The entire song exists (we know that there is at least a second verse), but it hasn't surfaced in full yet.
    I really want to hear the whole version, since it's one of my favourite unreleased Gaga songs.
  10. Do you think if she had the option she would have shot a video for Sour Candy?
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  11. I’ll be very interested to see what the critical reception to this is. It’s somewhat divisive (at least on here) and I do wonder if the Euro vibe will be hard to swallow for some critics. That being said it’s certainly on brand for the poptimism movement as of late and her goodwill feels at an all time high.
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  12. Ignoring her catalog and track record, the album is fantastic. But it's impossible for me to forget about all her previous groundbreaking, chills-inducing moments. In some ways, I feel the same as i did with "Hard Candy" - a great album (which I think has aged pretty well) but lacking the special Madonna magic. The closest to recapturing that exciting feeling for me is "Sine From Above". I don't think it's a coincidence that it's the only song over 4 minutes; as many posters have already mentioned, these songs are so short and there is no room to breathe or develop.

    Even "Sine" is too short - I would love another minute or two of that crazy outro
  13. Just got an e-mail that the CDs bundled with my tickets are being shipped out. Laugh out loud crying face.
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  14. The vocal delivery of the first verse of 1000 Doves is strangely beautiful. It's almost drowsy and defeated, and really contrasts with the vocals of the pre-chorus/chorus. This is something 911 struggles with, as much as I love it.
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  15. I can't think of a good thing to say about this?

    The production (including vocal production) is offensively bland, like they are testing how little effort they can get away with.
    It's usually a steady beat that works as a carpet as if not to disturb us and it ends up going unnoticed.
    There is not a single point where I think 'oh, wow, this detail really makes something truly special out of this moment' which is something that we were having at least a few times per song, on every song, on every other album of hers.
    The songs sound like they never end, even with these incredibly short running times, because nothing of note is happening.

    I'm taking Chromatica I, Stupid Love, Rain On Me, and, with a bit of hesitation, Sine From Above and running.
    While even those are not up to her regular standard (Chromatica I might be) they at least stand with clarity for what they have to offer lyrically (the ones that do have lyrics, ddd) and sonically.
    Nothing else here is as concise and striking as a tune or as a theme as anything she has ever done before.
    Most verses sound like she's babbling on aimlessly with a vague semblance of a melody to her words.
    Where there are actual hooks they are nothing to write home about.
    She sounds uninterested on half the album and shouty on the other half, usually burried in the mix or distorted enough to not stand out.
    Where there seems to be potential with regards to some of these aspects, there isn't with regards to the rest.

    I am genuinely shocked, I cannot recognize any of Gaga's values from any of her previous eras.
    I listened twice because it's Gaga, I probably would have not finished my first listen if it wasn't for her.
    I went in with relatively low expectations since neither single blew me away, but I genuinely loved both so I expected it would be the same with the rest...

    Maybe the Babylon and Free Woman demos will do anything to save those songs? I'll seek those out and give them a chance.

    Sour Candy in particular is a greatly missed opportunity. I think the beat is too dry/monochromatic for the opening verse and it kind of clashes with the lively tone of the deliveries/melodies, whereas it works better for the rest of the song that is more rhythmic, but, of course, it only sounds good towards the end where it starts to properly morph and change. I think I'd love to hear the song over something more organic/less static, something like the instrumental of Babylon for example.

    The oddest take for the album so far in my opinion is that Stupid Love doesn't fit... Kim, she has orchestral interludes in there.
    And if the other early-90s-leaning song, Babylon, is not an odd fit, then Stupid Love isn't either, for sure.
    Coincidentally these are the ones that most uncharacteristically for the album don't feel as squashed, there's room for all the elements to breathe and make the album feel like there's an inkling of life in there somewhere.
    Stupid Love's placement however is without a doubt shit. And Rain On Me doesn't sound much better in its place if you cut the former out altogether. They make no sense after Alice.

    The most disappointing thing yet:
    Throwing an N64 controller in 2020? Nothing is sacred any more.

    PS: On follow-up listens 'it gets better' (tm) but only by a margin each time, and I'm not sure it's worth the effort yet.
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  16. He-who-shall-not-be-tagged and @constantino when they see the latest forum joke

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  17. 911 stays winning and with vocal production reminding me of this 10/10 club bop
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  18. I shook for a second before realizing it wasn’t Gaga.
  19. No "Love Me Right"?

  20. Cursed
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