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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Lyrics and credits:

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  2. Initial thoughts after my first listen:

    1. Was there a point in breaking the album into three parts with those interludes? If yes, I missed it.
    2. Whoever decided to keep the track-lengths streaming friendly should be banished from the planet, along with everyone else who thinks it's okay for a song to run under 3 minutes or a couple of seconds over 3 minutes. When will this idiocy stop?
    3. Sine From Above is the song that stood out for me - I think it is the best on the album. I was a bit weary of a Gaga x Elton collaboration - it could have turned out to be an excessive emotional mess with a lot of unnecessary pomp. Instead, what we got was brilliance. Thank you Sir & Ga for not overdoing it.
    4. Alice is another highlight.
    5. Most of the songs on the album seem to mesh into long average dance-pop tunes separated by those interludes. I wouldn't say its the tired production, but it's also the hooks and melodies that are trying way too hard.
    6. Ariana Grande is such a weird choice for a collaboration, to be honest! I like the song and both vocals are nicely done. It's a harmless bop. But I still think it was such a weird choice.

    And then I handpicked a few songs for the second listen based on the reactions they were getting here:
    1. Sour Candy is a chore to listen to. I do not understand the love for it.
    2. Replay is nice. "every single day I'll dig a grave, then I'll sit inside it wondering if I'll behave" - love it!
    3. Babylon is nice too.
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  3. Replay is so chaotic and kind of batshit and I adore it. The only drop I really love.
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  4. I think my favorite lyric on the album is "Before there was us, There was silence."
    Damn, the inevitable live performance duet of Sine From Above someday off in the future is going to absolutely have me sobbing.
  5. After listening to it a few times, I really enjoy the final version of Free Woman.

    I think my favorites are:

    Rain on Me
    Free Woman
    911 (this really grew on me after repeated listens)
    Sine From Above

    And I also really like certain elements of other songs like Plastic Doll and Sour Candy. We'll see if they grow on me more.

    I wish I heard what you all did with Replay. It's easily at the bottom for me.
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  6. Even though the interludes are kind of random, I love them because you kinda need a bit of a breather in between all of these heavy dance songs. And of course they sound beautiful.
  7. She shot two other videos? Babylon and...?
  8. Up to 911, and this is all very 2012-2014 sounding this far. Honestly what I wanted ARTPOP to sound like at the time.

    I mean, I’m bopping regularly, but these productions have definitely been around the block a few times.
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  9. The interludes remind me of the music they play during the postcards at eurovision and I’m kind of living for it.
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  10. I wonder what inspired Enigma.

    "Open minded, I'm so blinded,
    Mystery man, Woman phantom,
    Violet light smears the atmosphere,
    I'm so scared but i'm standing here"

    "Can't stop staring, I'm so naked,
    Wrapped in shadows, My heart races,
    Dragon's eyes watch, Goddess breathing,
    Give me something to believe in"
  11. Free Woman was in the middle of a shoot but it wasn't finished due to quarantining/lockdowns. There were also video plans for Sour Candy and another one but I'm not 100% sure which one.
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  12. Weed, probs
  13. I’m...genuinely surprised to see Plastic Doll as so many people’s weakest link? I find it so immediate, minus the iffy bridge. But that chorus is great.
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  14. Cool album. Not AOTY, but it is very good! My favourites are "911", "Alice", "Free Woman" and "Sour Candy". I just wish some songs were around 15 sec. longer.
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  15. Going to a virtual listening party in an hour for my first touch down in Chromaticaand from reading this thread I feel like I already know my favorites.

    Review incoming xx
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  16. Fantastic album.

    My first listen was heavy from expectation and initially thinking the short song lengths really impair the record. Additional spins though unfold it's breezy cohesiveness and increased quality as it progresses. Since most house and electronic singles released have an edit as well as extended versions my fan fiction moment of whenever is that each of the three Chomatica parts are released as separate EP's will full extended versions of the tracks. I won't hold my breath.

    "Alice," "Free Woman," "Replay," and "Sine from Above" are my favs at the moment.

    "Replay" reminds me of "Dancing in Circles" somehow... chaotic, swirling, and a little WTF? Also love the "Baba O'Riley-esque" open.

    The loons that open "Babylon" are a riot and very Lous La Roche's "Lovers."

    She's done it again in my book.
  17. The album is a lot better than what I was expecting after the release of "Stupid Love," which, in context of the album, is actually much worse and even more of a questionable lead.

    I am still shook that that "Sine From Above" isn't a "Speechless"-esque ballad; it slaps and is probably one of my favorites. The drum and bass outro literally snatched every follicle off my head and sent them flying to Chromatica. "Fun Tonight" is better than its title suggests. "Plastic Doll" is underwhelming, considering how good its title is.

    The interludes are pointless and interrupt the flow of the album for me, but I do appreciate that they are instrumental interludes rather than monologues.

    Isn't "1000 Doves" the perfect closing track as well? I deleted "Babylon" from my playlist after one listen. I stand by my thoughts from when I heard the leaked snippet; it's Gaga pastiche at its worst.

    Overall, a solid album.
  18. I'm honestly surprised 1000 Doves managed to leave an impression on anyone. It's the only song on the album that just...exists.
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  19. It hit me right away. I find it gorgeous. But yeah, music is subjective. I find "Stupid Love" to be the sore thumb of the album but there are others who are obsessed with it.
  20. Thinking about that Monster on Twitter yesterday who said Elton serves a sexy vocal...
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