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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Thinking about that Monster on Twitter yesterday who said Elton serves a sexy vocal...
  2. When twink twitter thinks "sexy" means "lower register" nn....
  3. Is the outro of Sine From Above supposed to symbolize the sound splitting in two?
    Or am I overthinking it?
  4. RMK


    Stupid Love doesn't fit the album as much, but it feels like a single. It made sense. It's gonna take some time to figure out if it's the worst song here.. Toward the bottom, yeah, but the whole album ranges in the same territory as it. It isn't some song straying far away in quality.
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  5. The Love Me Right snippet is giving me Ally Pop meets
  6. RMK


    This may be my favorite headshot of her yet. We've gotten so many great photos this era.
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  7. Upon first listen, I’m honestly surprised she released an album this safe. It’s just all completely fine. The production is so familiar, with most of the instrumental breaks sounding like I’ve heard them endless times over the last decade of pop music. And yes, this often feels like Bloodpop and co. were cleaning out their “Beats 2 Use” folder.

    That’s not to say it’s not an enjoyable listen at times. Free Woman is fantastic, and could have matched what Stupid Love did commercially as the first single, if not performed better. Alice and Fun Tonight are standouts, and I really enjoy Plastic Doll. Rain On Me is undoubtedly another highlight. If we’re going by the ~acts~ created by the interludes (which, while pretty, don’t really make sense to me in context of the soundscape here), the second act is easily the worst. Just a lot of boring melodies throughout those tracks.

    The last section is the most frustrating. Both Sine From Above and 1,000 Doves have potential, but are ultimately letdown by some of the most predictable production the album has to offer.

    While I’m sure it was by her own discretion, I do get the sense that she felt she had to make a record like this. It feels very givethegayseverythingtheywant.gif, but make it stuck in the past. It’s fatal flaw is it’s complete void of offering anything that sounds remotely fresh to the table.
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  8. [​IMG]

    I still can't get over the lame duck vinyl packaging for such a highly stylized album/photoshoot.
    Although I've heard from many that the mastering is great on the vinyls.
  9. Is that the Nick Knight shoot...
  10. This album is incredible. It took a second listen for me to realize it, but wow.
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  11. No, I think this is still from the album shoot
  12. You can't say that you were expecting that drum and bass outro.
  13. Is the bottom one the milky clear? Such odd variant choices. Ddddd. Silver, cum, transparent.
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  14. The contrast between the imagery and music is genuinely jarring and kinda distracting ddd.

    "Alice" and "Rain On Me" are probably the only things that really capture the imagery, especially the former.
  15. According to the guy's Twitter, yeah, milky clear. Isn't there only 2?
  16. When they said ‘milky clear’ I didn’t expect ‘spoiled milk’.
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  17. RMK


    Most of my thoughts have been said in previous posts, but I think for single options it feels oddly even? Free Woman and Sour Candy seems like the tracks their pushing, but besides the collaborator on the latter there's absolutely no reason to push that song.
  18. God Tier:
    - Rain On Me
    - Sine From Above​

    - Alice
    - 911
    - Plastic Doll
    - Chromatica String Opuses​

    - 1,000 Doves
    - Babylon
    - Free Woman​

    - Fun Tonight
    - Stupid Love​

    Probably skip:
    - Sour Candy​

    Hard Skips:
    - Enigma
    - Replay​
  19. Thanks!
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