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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. This album is bad and it makes me sad. I know I'm shady to GaGa on this forum, but just 7 years ago I was a Free Woman.m4a getting my life in the Monster Pit of the Born This Way Ball. Just want her back

  2. The bonus tracks are out in the wild, fyi. (edit: oh, it was posted already)
    Love Me Right is probably the most Ally Maine song of the whole album. It's very lifetime movie credits song, but it's cute.
    The 1000 Doves piano version is actually a really nice bonus. It kind of makes me wish this was a 2CD set where one is the album we got and one is piano and orchestral versions of the tracks.
  3. the first time you listen to Sine from above's outro, it kinda feels like a punch in the face tbh
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  4. I keep hearing “my name isn’t Dallas.”
  5. I'd like it better if it were the same melody and lyrics as the album version. I get thats why it's a demo, but a proper ballad version of the final song would be preferred.
  6. RMK


    This is the full 'Love Me Right'.

  7. Thinking about how Enigma will most definitely open the revamped Vegas show.

    With some improved musical direction, Vegas should be poppin a 911 since this album lends itself well to mashing together past Gaga sounds. Stan fever dreams demand Fashion of His Love’s return, mashed up with Chromatica highlights, yes ma’am!
  8. Yess this is more like it, lovely.

    I may not be keen on the album but it's good to see her so happy about it though.
  9. The intro of Chromatica l is lovely. There’s a soundscape there that would have made a gorgeous soundboard for an actual song.

    Alice starts of very well for me, but the breakdown is a little naf. Definitely saved by the lyrics. The whiplash from this, let’s be honest new gay bar staple, into Stupid Love is really so severe and actually ruins the interest in the album immediately ddd and I liked Stupid Love it just doesn’t fit... Then we hit Rain On Me and beyond being a 90s lite trip I’m not sure why it’s here beyond the sole purpose of being a vehicle for an Ari collab? But the top line is so catchy I do vibe to that in the universe/alternate reality where the lyric is “I’d rather be drunk but at least I’m alive”....

    Free Woman knocks slightly more in the vein of the album since the demo, but this should have followed Alice. The breakdown is hollow as anything, but the message on the verses I think follows the whole “take me home vibe” of Alice.

    I mean at this point, if you’re doing the 90s vibes properly, a poppers hit has blurred these tracks into one...

    Fun Tonight getting a bad wrap is a kii because the melody all over this is really nice to me. It’s also a nice break from a forced post chorus, there’s also a glimmer of early Gaga in some of her vocal delivery? Quite a nostalgic bop. But this is where we crack on. 911 is fantastic, it really reminds me of something early naughties and I cannot put my finger on it but she’s very cute. I’d have liked a heavy wobbler effect in places to make it truly trippy.

    Plastic Doll & Sour Candy are trash, but Enigma is a bit of Gaga I love, the delivery is going to be great live but the production is such a damp squib... this should have been Aura/Swine levels of ridiculous but it is too sanitary to be crazy. And I think that is the biggest problem with the album, the lyrics are begging for some insane production but that is the kind of production that is far beyond her collaborators. And it all is a bit soulless... Replay won’t be.

    Sine From Above remains excellent in it’s camp Eurovision glory. Elton sounds good it’s a cute collab I’m a fan. Helps I’ve just read his autobiography and it’s a brilliant read! The last 30 seconds are the kind of insane production moments this album has absolutely begged for. It gets even more Eurovision with 1000 Doves... maybe should enter the good Gaga for the UK?
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  10. This is the Ally Maine continuation I needed.
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  11. Damn same!
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  12. I still haven't listened to the 3 interludes.

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  13. This, just like a lot of the album, is... fine. Nothing special. It would have gotten lost in the mix along with 1000 Doves if it were on the album proper.
  14. I woke up and RACED to list to 911. That’s the one right there.
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  15. I need her explanation for the batshit Sine outro. You know she has one and that it’s long and ridiculous. A literal What was the reason?! tea.
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  16. Well it isn’t.
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  17. Ugh just the thought of Enigma opening a show gives me chills. With the synths plus live instruments... and her voice just belting out to the audience... Yes please
  18. Her Whitney vocals jumped out on the Love Me Right chorus.
  19. My friend said "So is the outro because 'The sound split in two' so the song is splitting in two?". And in my head, i'm going to say that's why.
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  20. I've listened to it twice today already and...

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