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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. But sis Babylon is basically a Black Jesus Amen Fashion redux and I am here for it.
  2. Oh my god, Sine From Above, my heart. Giving me major Erasure vibes, I am stanning from above.

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  3. Sine From Above is the one. I can’t usually get past all of the shady, casually misogynistic things Elton John has said about Madonna long enough to be objective but Gaga seems to bring out the best in him.

    Elton John + Here Comes The Rain Again strings + 90s trance + drum n bass + Paradise (Not For Me) melancholy + a faint whiff of UFO cults = nourishing musical smoothie.
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  4. Assfakjfkaajd I truly wish we could read Consuela's review of Chromatica.

    I definitely noticed this here and there. Weird, as that's usually one her strengths (making the clunkiest lyrics somehow flow well).
  5. On initial listen it’s my favourite since Fame Monster. I grew to love Born This Way and Artpop, but what can I say, I’m a cheesy bitch. And while I understand people’s frustrations and the fact it may seem like a bit of a regression, I don’t think every artist needs to be constantly reinventing. This realm is where she absolutely thrives, so why not give us another album of polished pop? And the 90s house/discoteque of it all is appreciated (particularly on Enigma).

    For once, the interludes are really fabulous in context of the album and I wouldn't ever skip. I’m even finally bopping to Stupid Love in context of the album. Fun Tonight and 911 are my weakest points. Top tracks are Alice, Rain On Me, Free Woman, Enigma, Sine From Above, 100 Doves, Babylon.

    I actually wish Sour Candy was just a Gaga solo. The BLACKPINK part adds nothing to the song for me, but it could have been quite a highlight. And I like this version of Babylon (but will be glad for a polished release of the demo as some sort of remix.)
  6. Free Woman’a vocal is nice and though the production sounds straight outta 2013, I don’t recall the demo so that’s fine I guess...

    Fun Tonight doesn’t seem any more diabolical than the rest of the album so far.
  7. I think Artpop has bigger highs, but this is a much more consistent album as a whole. It's also really nothing like Artpop so I'm rolling my eyes a bit at Zane Lowe saying she was "taking another stab at it". Beyond Enigma, there's nothing here that sounds like Artpop. I also rolled my eyes at him blowing smoke up her ass and telling her Artpop was a bold artistic statement people just weren't ready for. Riiiight.
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  8. The Sour Candy audio is on nearly 20m views on YouTube after less than 24 hours. How many views did Rain on Me get in 24 hours?
  9. I think it’s more about her repurposing ideas she had for ARTPOP rather than how it sounds. Also back when she first started there was that post about this being “ARTPOP’s little sister” so that was clearly on her mind.
  10. This is one example, but the most noticeable struggle for me is in Fun Tonight dd though that may be because she's trying to sneak a billion words into the chorus. But the phrasing is weird too in the verses.
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  11. 911 and Plastic Doll most promising so far... 911 gave me severe Britney 12 years ago teas.
  12. I had a ninety-minute early-morning Chromatica walk through gorgeous Cardiff and have to say I spent my first play-through mostly feeling... unsatisfied, just wishing (i) that Bloodpop had the range, and (ii) that Stefani was remotely interested in what interesting dance/pop sounds like in 2020. There are so many moments where the album should really explode but where the production kind of flattens it.

    But then I listened to the songs out of sequence and they all went all the way off? And it didn't feel that safe, or samey, or superficial at all? And the lyrics on this album are actually really solid for the most part? And now I'm really looking forward already to spending more time with about two-thirds of this album.

    Very intrigued by the prospect of a new "Babylon." Looking at all the producers she's allegedly worked with over the last few years I would love literally nothing more than for Gaga to be the artist to really pull off what Kanye did with Life of Pablo with a constantly "updated" refreshed album filtered through different production styles.
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  13. On impact, it’s my favourite album of Gaga’s since Born This Way.
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  14. Sine from Above is massive, not even Elton can flaw it.
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  15. I know that those dissatisfied with the album's production are dogpiling on BloodPop, but how involved was BURNS in this record? Some of the stuff here is a bit reminiscent of his own solo songs and remixes, which lean more towards EDM. He did a really good job with Make Me..., though.
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  16. Oh wow Love Me Right is gorgeous.
  17. Shit Kpop is a trigger for me given the obsession two exes had with the WORST of it... but I’m bopping increasingly and worryingly to Sour Candy.

    Hold on...Enigma somewhat gooped me.
  18. On first listen, there are moments that truly could only really have been created by her and moments that really could have been created by anyone. And there's nothing wrong with that but it's interesting that she said in the Apple Music interview that, like in the beginning of her career, she handed songs she'd written around various producers and asked them to do stuff to them. I think this is where we are getting The Fame teas from as I feel like that album was the middle lane between her and producers taking control of the sound.
  19. Burns was on like 95% of the album I think
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  20. Replay... ok.
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