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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. There's some bops and good melodies peppered across the whole thing, and I love the string interludes, but as others have said I just feel like in general it's a missed opportunity in terms of the production.

    The playlist she provided was immaculate, but distilled through the producer/s she's chosen to work with they've squeezed everything that's effortless/interesting/creative or even liberating about that house music sound. It's just way more neutered and polished than it could've been, and it sounds weirdly dated because of it. The result feels neither conciously retro, nor current.
  2. Okay I’m officially a Babylon truther. Dancing my way through all the babble, body like a sculpture.

  3. Remembering Technologic being cited as an influence/potential sample(?) and facing the reality it was just her throwing the word "technologic" into the dumpster fire that is Plastic Doll.

  4. Someone made a copy in Apple Music, you can import that into Spotify again (google for a tool).
    update: here's SPotify
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  5. Plastic Doll is the Dante’s journey through Hell of Gaga’s entire discography, and I don’t know if I mean that as half a compliment.
  6. The demonic robotic vocals that appear during the second half the second verse of 911 are doing things to me this morning

    There’s so many small quirks in this song that I keep discovering on each new listen
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  7. Anyone who doesn’t stan Replay deserves a ban

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  8. Replay, Enigma and Babylon sound great back to back. Babylon shouldn’t work but somehow it does.
  9. Whoever it was here or on Twitter that said 1000 Doves sounds like Celine headlining an EDM festival...tea.

    On Babylon now. Cute.

    This has all been HARMLESS - I don’t hate it. It’s the definitive cute girl. I found Alice to be a limp ass opener and then songs people seem to dislike like Paper Doll much more effective.

    The decision to make the aural aesthetic of the album “remixes from 2014” is just so strange. It sounds instantly dated. It missed 90s completely and went straight to flimsy EDM from 6 years ago.

    I suspect it’ll grow and be a pleasant background bop collection.
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  10. I'm dreaming of Fun Tonight as a Lucky style video. We see her miserable and trying hard to impress the moguls during A Star Is Born then eventually ditching her hired diamonds and going to a gay club to symbolise her entering Chromatica era.
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  11. RJF


    Sis, you are not going to come for Joanne's production when BloodPop could barely open a second sample pack for this gym background playlist of an album. Joanne has life; it has massive stadium guitar riffs, solemn acoustic numbers, great percussion, horns, strings, sprinklings of electronica, and great little pepperings of hootenanny batshit ("Dancin' In Circles" being the prime candidate) that make it dynamic without all the songs bleeding together. It also has variety, where it lurches between absolute stormers, quieter midtempos and some of the best ballads of her career, allowing you to not get thumped over the head by the same synth loop and piano riff build up over and over again.

    The annoying thing in this thread at the moment (along with other people telling me what my expectations where?!) is that people seem to be conflating lamenting the lack of interesting production as... wanting her to break some uncharted ground in pop, or do something brand new, or set or new trend, when... No, I just want songs with moving parts that sound rich and good and satisfying instead of woefully flat like most of this album does. I'm not sure when "good" became an unfair expectation.

    Like, Joanne is gonna get thrown under the bus by the simpering press this era regardless. That's the narrative they're going for, fine, but I'm not gonna stand for anyone saying it was poorly made. Especially in this defence of this album.
  12. A lot of it is sounding ‘musical theatre remixes’ today. Only Babylon and Plastic Doll feel free of that totally.
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  13. Replay is the one that has grown on me a lot!
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  14. We’re going to get Plastic Doll as the next single aren’t we
  15. It's a good thing I didn't do that, then!
  16. RJF


    You suggested it was similarly homogeneous to this album, which is false.
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  17. The production in Act 1 is serving Bimbo Jones remixes of pop hits circa 2008. Luckily, it sort of picks up starting Act 2.
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  18. Any reviews of this yet?
  19. Nope, I was talking about unique vs "generic", and I don't mean generic as an insult.

    Sure, Joanne has more variety, but standing on their own most songs don't offer super interesting production. A song like Million Reasons or Joanne doesn't stand out production wise from other similar songs by anyone else in the same genre, just like songs like Free Woman or Alice don't stand out production wise from other dance songs, etc. Diamond Heart sounds huge, I love the drums, but again, it's nothing unique.

    I guess when I think of interesting or unique Gaga productions my mind goes more to songs like Bloody Mary, Paparazzi, Heavy Metal Lover, Aura, Government Hooker, etc. Just things that have sounds that make me go "oh that's weird / neat / unexpected".
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  20. The more I listen to 911 and Plastic Doll, the more I think they're absolute trash. Surely she must have recorded at least 20 better songs that didn't make the final cut.

    See, this is why re-releases an absolute necessity nowadays. Artists and labels are always fucking things up with the main album.
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