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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Yes, I think for the most part I'm fine with the album being bland but theres genuine glimpses of gorgeousness like that which just end up... collapsing. The fact the segues are the best thing here is so frustrating, and then songs like '911' and 'Sine from Above' which are mere inches from being fantastic.
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  2. I'm probably just going to end up keeping Rain On Me, Free Woman and Babylon.

    Other tracks like Alice and 911 are a fun sugar rush right now but I can't see myself wanting to hear them outside of the album and that's my problem - I just don't care about music enough these days to invest much time in albums I'm not hooked on from the off which is the case with Chromatica.

    It's definitely not the album I was hoping for when I heard the Haus labs Babylon demo (the final version is far better though) and names like Boys Noize were being thrown around. I've seen people in here say there's a disconnect between the great visuals from the photoshoot for the album art and the actual music and I agree. I think the imagery would have gone far better with the sound I had in mind from the early info rather than the euro-pop/dance album we actually got.

    But that's fine, I've got two good pop songs out of it with Rain On Me and Free Woman (which, like Babylon, the final version is far superior - demo was basic as fuck).
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  3. I am... disappointed. Everything feels so cheap and straightforward. Gaga does pop with a twist, but that is severely lacking here. She has been my favourite artist for the last decade and I am quietly crushed.
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  4. Honestly '911' is so almost top tier Born this Way and I am FRUSTRATED at that chorus.
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  5. RJF



  6. FUCK, I can’t get past Babylon. I’ve cancelled any notion of listening to the album from start to finish for now, in favour of playing Babylon on repeat. A triumph.
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  7. I definitely think it's her worst album...but I still love it. It's a cracking dance pop record with some fantastic tracks, but I don't think it's on the same level as any of her other albums. Most of the melodies just don't quite pop with the usual magic, and the sound she's going for doesn't really excite or interest me massively.

    As I say though, I still thoroughly enjoy it!
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  8. This sounded great on my walk in the sunshine earlier, I approve.
    Perfect pre going out/gym album (ironically).
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    I didn't realize the deluxe pack I ordered came with the hardcover version already and had ordered a second hardcover version... I can;t believe the Gaga album I own the most physical copies of is my least favourite of hers.

  10. This album is exceptional. Tapping into my formative years of music despite sounding like a complete sound steal. I am shook.
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  11. Next rate to include this album will be... interesting.
  12. This album is so fucking gay I'm squealing.
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    Meanwhile, I've not even spent 99p on "Rain On Me" oop.
  14. I'm blown away by the energy of the album! Listened to it through while working out this morning and there isn't really a bad song on here. Favourites so far have to be Alice, Fun Tonight, 911, Enigma and... yes... Sine from Above!
  15. The fact this dropped this week too and does what this album is trying to do instantly fresher and cooler...

    Also Julie needs the promo.
  16. 911's chorus sounds like one of those godforsaken Britney demos that are floating on Youtube. After the first listen, Alice stood out, also I'm very impressed with Chromatica II, I would like more of that. Plastic Doll hit me:









    I'm taking Babylon with the mentioned tracks and running but that's about it.
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    I love the hardcover deluxe CD. I know they won't but I really hope they re-issue all of her albums in this format because it's a shoot. Give me a boxset with all the flash drives too.
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    "Sine From Above" is also low-key just... "Don't You Worry Child" with a nonsense creation myth thrown into the nostalgia.

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    I'd buy a hardcover ARTPOP set only if they replace the album art with the I+V shoot. This hardcover set works well because the album shoot is fantastic.
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    So where are the reviews? Let's get the, "Joanne was bad, A Star Is Born was also bad but it got an Oscar so we say it was better, and she's finally gone back to doing what we thought she did ten years ago which we hated at the time but are pretending we didn't now!" train rolling.
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