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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Imagine when clubs reopen in 2035 and...




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  2. I’m sure this was posted earlier but it seems they got the #1. A certain someone couldn’t help themselves, before deleting his tweet and rewording it.

  3. I really love it anyways. Her only album I don't like is Artpop.
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  4. Babylon is so ridiculous and over the top. I fucking LOVE it.

    I'd say this is one of her best albums for me personally but I get why some of you might not have taken to it. Its certainly not want we were expecting.
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  5. Not history, SISTORY
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  6. I think I need poppers to fully experience Alice.
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  7. The production on Free Woman reminds me of the duty-free dance music they use on Love Island ddd.
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  8. Joanne is cohesive too. I like albums most when they build an universe. The Fame Monster is more like a compilation of good songs and they are attached to the first album.
  9. The interludes are very "Star Trek Movie Theme".
  10. RJF


    "Alice" has... that one good hook that it repeats to death. I don't remember a single thing about it outside of the opening line. We won't even get into the tired ass metaphor of Wonderland either.
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  11. So...what are the tribes? What does each emblem represent?

    Where is the tacked-on concept explored? I want to see looks for each colour. I want camp writing for each a la her ridiculous Manifesto on Spotify.

    EDIT: Alice is crap, I dont know what everyone is hearing. Stupid Love sounds like a revelation coming after it. Which... it shouldn't.
  12. She... should have hijacked Late Night Feelings. Which is, you know, an album that infuses an energetic nu-disco soundscape with honesty and emotional depth. Bloodpop's 2011 EDM dance breaks provide no space for that. She sometimes comes close: Rain on Me and Replay are decent and I think Enigma and Babylon are fun. But generally I have the impression she is not a space to challenge and refresh herself musically.
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  13. Right... this is such a scream but why does 911 remind me of something Florrie (!) has done? Or at least the first verse?

    EDIT: It’s not Florrie, I’m getting Don’t Stop by Annie vibes.
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  14. RJF


    I still can't believe they sat on this album for a fucking year and thought, "Done!" while make up, Vegas, and another stab at Grammys for A Star Is Born took precedence.
  15. Sans the abrupt ending turn, Sine From Above sounds like a Nordic country Eurovision entry.
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  16. Chromatica III could literally be the music used in those Eurovision postcard videos
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  17. Plastic Doll giving me Vox Lux is a scream. I want Natalie Portmanbot singing this.
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  18. You say this like its a bad thing.
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  19. So what do we think are the singles hunties?
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