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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Get out.
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  2. So do most of us agree Fun Tonight is the most useless track here?
  3. It says something when the latest Mel C song could easily slot in the album and I wouldn't even bat an eyelid.
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  4. I remember trying so hard with Confessions. The songs that I loved I LOVED. However I could never get into the whole thing.
  5. It comes after the heights of A Star Is Born so ... probably
  6. Well for what it's worth, Confessions was met with cries of "chasing the pink pound!" and "Kylie has been doing this since 2001!" when it came out.
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  7. Yay we can go back to rightfully hating him.
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  8. Please, stahp, don't bring "Confessions" into this anymore, I'm dead already.
    I'll be extremely happy if she hits that double #1, but this is still a big crystalline turd to me, after repeated listens.
  9. As much as I like Chromatica, Confessions is *vastly* superior.
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  10. I enjoy it more than Artpop.

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  11. This album is a load of old nonsense and it is absolutely PERFECT.

    I’m so sad that we won’t be gaying it up in the streets to ‘Babylon’ at Pride events across the world this year.
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  12. Putting this out on release day is a choice. Sure, you can not like it... But let others enjoy it if they want to. The era is still to go on.
  13. *Meow Meow
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  14. Charts
    Yeah, they did it. Both girls' 6th UK #1
  15. US too right? Now the album #1 debuts and to make that happen they'll release a vinyl with cover.
  16. I think I understand what people are saying. The production is oddly... inert? Like it's a competent approximation of its inspirations but doesn't really push it anywhere new or even help the song soar? It just sort of... exists, thumping there in the background. I do feel like Gaga lays it all out there though, with vocals, lyrics and melodies. 911 in particular ripped my heart out and stomped on it.
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  17. Please... I said I'm enjoying it and how I'm happy for all the critical and commercial success it's likely to bring her. I'm not being a hater here.
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  18. For those playing along at home, I think we're only short comparisons to True Blue, American Life, and Evita for a full house. Yay...

    Anyways, stream Replay.
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  19. 911
    Babylon (original mix)

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  20. WAIT at the trance synths in Sine from Above.
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