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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Elton John really ruined Sin From Above for me. I was really enjoying it until he came on it ...
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  2. RJF


    I mean, Confessions at least dives straight into its influences head first and writhes about in them, unlike the toe dip Chromatica does. Confessions is also legitimately sequenced to perfection, with all the tracks blending seamlessly into one another with unique production flourishes within those segues, and not just three iTunes crossfades masquerading as such. You also get back half of Confessions where the disco pedal eases up a little bit and things get a little more varied, allowing you to appreciate the relentless party of the first half. Stuart Price is also more talented than BloodPop. Oh, and because refills on soft drinks are free, some more petty tea: "Get Together" obliterates everything on this album to an embarrassing degree and has more melancholy dancefloor pathos packed into its opening five seconds than Chromatica manages in its bizarre forty minute slog.

    They're both dance-pop albums by blonde women. That's really as far as comparisons should go.
  3. 911 is reminding me of Heavy Metal Lover.

    Sattle down I didn‘t say it‘s as good just saying it‘s giving me a bit of that vibe.
  4. There are some Sine From Above parts that sounds straight up lifted from

    ...and wig of course.
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  5. There's some serious torment in the lyrics. Like, I don't think I've ever heard Gaga be this dark.
  6. Sine from Above is the one for me
  7. I don’t necessarily have an issue with the track list in its current form, but here’s an alternate one I’m using as well:

    Chromatica I
    Free Woman
    Rain On Me
    1000 Doves
    Chromatica II
    Stupid Love
    Sour Candy
    Chromatica III
    Sine From Above
    Plastic Doll
  8. Naming both albums in the same sentence is a crime!!!

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  9. The bottom line is that this album would be a far better if Gaga had enlisted better producers. If an up-and-comer on an indie label like Rina Sawayama can get pop innovators like Clarence Clarity to produce an EP and a full album (both incredible) with them, Gaga has no excuse to be putting out a body of work that's so expensive and yet so...reductive and hollow.
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  10. The interludes are lovely but bring nothing to the table I’m also basic and I love Fun Tonight.
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  11. I really like Chromatica after 2 listens. It's not my favourite Gaga album by any means but I enjoy it more than ARTPOP (which I also liked). Maybe some people might prefer the brazen ARTPOP album more, but I prefer the cohesiveness of Chromatica.

    Maybe further listens might change my mind but I'll see how I feel. I can get why some people may be disappointed but I really like the album. I'm going to wait until my CD arrives to listen to the deluxe bonus tracks.
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  12. To be fair (and I realize I'm not the first one making this point) the songs are so truncated that inevitably the focus is on the hook and the verse-chorus-bridge structure so the background essentially becomes utilitarian, just there to support the vocal. Maybe the songs would be more adventurous if they had more room to breathe? Ie give us the extended mixes.
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  13. [​IMG]
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    "1000 Doves" is some insipid Becky Hill hell bullshit. It might be one of the most pointless things she's ever done.
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  15. I suppose if the album was longer, there could've been more room to experiment with the songs a bit more. I can't help but feel that the shorter lengths are a deliberate ploy to make the album a bit more 'commercial' in the Spotify era.

    That being said, I still like the album as it is and have enjoyed it. But it could've been even more perhaps.
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  16. She really gave us an album of songs under three minutes, and will still only give us a verse and a chorus from each one when she tours it.
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  17. I definitely feel like it could have been pushed to be richer, wilder, more daring. But maybe that wasn't their purpose? As it is, it feels like a deliberate throwback to the no-nonsense, meat and potatoes dancefloor bangers of The Fame but with an aching emotional core.
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  18. I‘m a stupid lover but it kinda doesn‘t even fit on the album ddd
  19. Tell me, who dressed you? Where'd you get that hat?
    Why's she crying? What's the price tag?
    Who's that girl, Malibu Gaga?
    Looks so sad, what is this saga?

    This part gets me in my feelings a little bit every time, I'm not going to lie.

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  20. RJF


    You can't tell me that "Love Me Right" isn't a cast off from the A Star Is Born pop tracks.
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