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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. It's like they're being obtuse on purpose. And even if they wanted to take that position on it, not them listing Kanye West....

    Looking at their past Gaga reviews, they seem to have always been tough on her.
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  2. I like this album, a lot, and even I think that some of y'all are digging in your heels about criticism to the point where you don't even know what you're saying anymore. "Go listen to the Diplo album"? Why is that a relevant rebuttal?
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  3. Remember when we were capable of discussing Lover diplomatically despite fundamentally disagreeing on whether that album was a success or failure? These girls have it easy.
  4. The intro and pre-chorus of 911 bopping a bit and hinting at something really interesting, only for it to lead into the limpest chorus of the album is literally the definition of:

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  5. Born This Way and Joanne are without a doubt Lady Gaga’s best albums quality wise, there’s no denying that. But it doesn’t take anything away from how Chromatica is a little ray of sunlight in these shitty times. I like to think of it as the album she would have released if the The Fame Monster was never released and instead she was given an extra year to record another second album.

    In the end this album simply isn’t as amazing or as horrible as any of the opposite sides are making it out to be. And I’ll take these more basic pop songs and use them for as long as I can and then I can always fall back on Joanne and Born This Way for the classics.
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  6. I’m hoping Alice can be a single with a video at one point when this is all over
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  7. [​IMG]
  8. I'm feeling a bit sad at this point regarding how disappointing this release is. I literally joined the forum to stan/discuss ARTPOP. Listening to the Born This Way album leak is one of my favorite memories. Now we get something that is lifeless, despite every gay fantasy being thrown into the production, in its execution without any interesting ideas at the table. I hate the looks. I hate the songs. The only thing I'm enjoying are some of the lyrics but as a former die-hard Gaga stan, I'm just feeling down about it all.
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  9. I mean if we’re really going to play the comparison game, the only one that holds weight to me is reputation. Flashes of brilliance on both of these albums completely demolished by some astoundingly dated, EDM-y, watered down, commercial-bait production choices. I still get shivers of dread when that chainsmokers-lite breakdown topples down Dancing With Our Hands Tied
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  10. What the fuck did I just witness I am screaming
  11. I can pinpoint “downtown in my sound” as the EXACT moment @RJF ha heart broke
  12. A rave from Stereogum.
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  13. This is a poorly written, overproduced album that doesn't in any way push Gaga forward, on the contrary. While plenty of her contemporaries have reached immense peaks in recent years or are still reeling within those creative heights as we speak, Gagz took several steps back in pretty much every aspect there is as far as a pop artist is concerned.

    It's hard not to and it's been done before likely but the comparisons with Future Nostalgia, while annoying for some, are quite valid and it only re-enforces what it's starting to look like facts: Future Nostalgia IS the pop record to "beat" and I think it should be thought of as being the defining pop record of this decade's early years which, sadly, Chromatica has nothing on. Not even close.
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  14. 'Free Woman' is just...

  15. Sorry, no. You can argue that the production is same-y, half baked, or whatever (and it's true for some of the album), but the writing is fantastic; it's more refined and less obtuse than Born This Way (her best album, of course) while delivering just as powerful messages.
  16. I mean I’m going to bop to half of this album but it really sounds and reads like fucking SHIT.

    Plastic Doll... using a toy as a parallel for how men treat women....... in 2020
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  17. How do the Ally tracks have more artistic range than this album I’m yelling
  18. Todas was like:

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  19. [​IMG]
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  20. ... enough Popjustice for today
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