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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. It no longer exists.
    They've just replaced it now with the album.

    Although if anyone saved the songs to a new playlist- I would love to see it.
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  2. "Free Woman" has grabbed me and won't let go. The verses. The story. Yes, yes.
  3. I saw someone here sharing it but I don't know what page it is.
  4. Now I'm hearing Frankie Goes To Hollywood in Babylon? For the love of christ somebody get Steve Anderson, Dave Seaman and Alex Bremner to bring the Brothers In Rhythm moniker out of mothballs and create a massive throwback anthem mix.
  5. I sort of wish the interludes were all a little longer and had some added beats, akin to this gorgeous track:

    I like the overtures but I think they could have been blended into the sound of Chromatica a little better.
  6. Me pretending to be a statue when playing Babylon too loudly transports me to 18th Century BC

  7. Sam


    We have @munro @stuaw and @Aidan representing the scots actually here for the album and that’s all we need x
  8. On first listen it's a step up from Joanne but not as fun as Artpop, the Fame Monster and Born this Way are obviously still out in front.

    Rain on Me, Alice and Babylon are the standouts here.
  9. As it stands, this is solidly mid-range Gaga (to me). I like it more than Joanne and her debut--it really does feel more fleshed out lyrically, though obviously the debut has THE BOPS--but it doesn't get anywhere near Born This Way or The Fame Monster. On par with ARTPOP then.

    We don't talk about Cheek to Cheek in these parts.
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  10. Alice, 911, Sour Candy, and Babylon were the only things I found memorable here.
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  11. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    Was she named after the S Club song
  12. Maybe Replay will grow on me and I'll hear what everyone else seems to hear, but as of now it and Sine From Above are the two most skippable to me. I like the verses in Replay but the chorus gets kind of grating.
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  13. You could throw a stone at Basement Jaxx’s discography and hit dozens of songs that capture what this album tried to capture magically. That’s a body of work we need to celebrate more often.
  14. It's good but it's no Mood Ring!
  15. Get you a cigarette who can do both.
    And that's on period. The fact that more pop girls (not even Robyn after she DID A SONG WITH THEM) don't utilize their brilliant production and songwriting abilities depresses me intensely.
  16. Actually if her next album could combine orchestral and acoustic elements with electronic and dance beats, that would be super. Whatever her next move is I need the narrative that she can only do one or the other to die. She deserves better than to be pigeonholed by critics and fans.
  17. For what is quite literally the 300th time minor mistakes being made on my posts are being ridiculed and it is getting to me. I am dyslexic as I’ve pointed out many, many occasions. Honestly this doesn’t go on to the same extent in other online spaces. There are numerous reasons people may make mistakes ranging from disability, English not being their first language, being from a disadvantaged socioeconomic background or it just being a flat out mistake. If something doesn’t appear as a mistake on a spell checker I don’t always see the mistake no matter how many times I read back through. Like sorry for the rant but it is genuinely pretty toxic behaviour and if you look at my previous posts you’ll see that I’ve laughed it off so many times. Kind of gets me down I enjoy engaging in this forum I just people are slightly considerate x
  18. Only just heard Rain On Me is #1 in the UK! So happy for both of them!
  19. I feel like Basement Jaxx might have actively avoided producing for other people for the longest time. There can't be other explanation for how unprolific they have been outside of their own discography. Didn't they work on Me Against The Music, but got their version rejected by the label?
  20. I really enjoyed their work with Cyndi Lauper, too. Basement Jaxx are so underutilized.
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