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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. The numerous earworms from this won’t leave my mind for a second today.
  2. While I have some favorites I really enjoy listening to the album as a whole all together. Her lyrical content and delivery are what round out the album for me. I took it for a spin in the car when doing errands and it bumps a lot harder than I thought it would. After hearing how well the vinyl is pressed I might end up getting the silver one. I of course want one with the cover but...I hate waiting.
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  3. I don't think so. Gaga is an overall very strong album maker. Kylie is not; her albums are fillerlicious for the most part. And Kylie definitely has a bad album or two.

    Anyway, I'm done listening to this album. There are some strong hooks and melodies here and it's way better than "Stupid Love" indicated, but it's a creative failure. It often sounds very good, but there's a lack of interesting ideas. Replay, Enigma, and Babylon strike me as the most satisfying things here (they really improved Babylon a lot). The production is extremely straightforward and hollow.

    I think the Elton duet is kinda bad. Surprised to be see it mentioned as a highlight.
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  4. That guy is me right now except I can't cry and I deleted Facebook a long time ago because I am not a middle aged woman. But he is pretty much me.
  5. The Me Company-style CGI Spotify graphics for the whole album are kind of incredible. I just checked to see if the video in that tweet was one of them, but apparently not. Interesting...
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  6. Sam


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  7. The Fame is still stellar. Nearly flawless from top to bottom. Its always so weird to me to see people rank it low in her discography, like the fact that it was the debut somehow negates its quality. She's had bigger, more ambitious albums since, but she's never quite captured that quality control again.
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  8. aux


    The brain worms in my cranium bumping to this album.

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  9. Stop posting screenshots of my Facebook status updates
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  10. Sam


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  11. Wait, has this been Melanie Blatt the whole time? I could’ve sworn it was Supernanny.
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  12. Sam


    Once i thought it was Amy Winehouse :(
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  13. aux


    I will use any excuse to praise this underrated masterpiece.



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  14. Chromatica II into 911 is sublime.
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  15. Yes, I believe it’s official. Skrillex tweeted it before the 3D artist and the album just came out, I don’t think they came up with the concept and rendered the video just yesterday (?). Or maybe, some 3D artists are fast ;;;
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  16. Yeah, this was by Beeple, they’re an amazing artist on Instagram with some crazy apocalyptic visuals.

    I wouldn’t hate a full length video.
  17. Oh, we praising The Fame now

    Cherry Cherry
    Boom Boom

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  18. RJF


    Hmm, I'm not sure I agree about the quality control comment, but yeah, it's remarkably solid and an absolute riot to boot. It somehow actually manages to be the perfect distillation of the maniac that was popping up on every stage with her DIY props and leotards held together with safety pins, blasting through pristine pop bangers one minute before switching into funk, surf-pop, glam-rock, and everything else that it somehow manages to be. Looking at the standard tracklist and the only song I don't have too much time for is "Brown Eyes" but apart from that? I'm BUMPING.

    Born This Way
    The Fame Monster
    The Fame

    All top tier pop albooms.



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  20. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I was listening to Boys Boys Boys, Summerboy, and Beautiful Dirty Rich a lot before the Chromatica leak ddd. All bangers.
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