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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. The Fame grew on me a little bit during the Gaga rate. It has a lot of excess fat. I mean, all of her albums could be whittled down to a solid 8-10 tracks (except for Born This Way, which is stronger). I definitely agree that it has a lot more character and verve than Chromatica though.
  2. Born This Way has Americano which is just a racket and Bad Kids which is lyrically her most mortifying moment committed to record.
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  3. oh no I love bad kids

    reading this thread made me listen to the confessions album earlier, I should play it more often really I forgot how much i love forbidden love
  4. Sam


    Americano is a batshit fucking stomper though?

    And y’all know that the Bad Kid demo is actually just British Cigarette repeated ad infinitum
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  5. RJF


    "Americano" is one of her most insane productions. The chorus basically being her howling over a mixture of horns and that skittering, anxious beat is wild. It's a total ride.
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  6. hWhy do so many Gaga fans hate Americano when its unhinged genius is an album highlight?
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  7. Yeah, The Fame is easily one of the best debut records a Big Pop Girl has released (out of the main crop, I'd say it's between her and Mimi for the title). The seeds of the Dance Pop revival might have already been sown but it's a fantastic statement of purpose for her becoming its figurehead and just how much fucking fun it was watching her achieve that.
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  8. Like any album for me it's got highs and lows, but I think the highs are some of the highest and most immediate.

    Getting lots of nostalgia for being a adolescent gay in the 90s - silly things like Paula Abdul (Promise of a New Day, and mainly Crazy Cool), Listen Without Prejudice, Immaculate Collection, even watching Models Inc or Central Park West and thinking I was going to be as fabulous as Kylie Travis.
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  9. I relistened to it yesterday and it’s honestly aged like fine wine. I used to be a bit blasé about it and consider everything that came after superior but it packs such a punch and really never lets up? I was so averse to Money Honey, Beautiful Dirty Rich and others but they sound fucking cool right now.

    Summerboy is a genius closer too. It’s the kiss-off to end the party - nice to meet you, we had fun, maybe see you round. Cya sucker.

    *thoughts return to Chromatica*
  10. RJF


    The fact that I'm actually revisiting ARTPOP and not finding it that bad because she's redefined what a bad album is.

    forgive me ARTPOP
  11. Americano is amazing in all its Spanglish Jesús Cristo glory.

    I just played it and Spotify thought the best song to play right after was Don't Rain On My Parade (Glee Cast Version).

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  12. Cigarette
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  13. RJF


    Don't you try to catch me
    Don't you try to catch me

    I'm living on the edge of
    Living of the edge of the

  14. The way I was getting my LIFE to Applause earlier. Whew we love a quality lead single.
  15. I agree he doesn't reach Juzwiak hit-piece on Madame X levels, but i wouldn't call his criticism "reserved" though, especially on his The Fame review:

    " Gaga’s lyrics alternate between cheap drivel ... and nonsensical drivel ...and her vocal performances are uneven at best" as well as calling it trash and obscene.
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  16. The ARTPOP slander needs to stop. It was, is, and always will be, a work of divine art.
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  17. Feelin' Jovani walked so Babylon could run.

    Countess Luann is due her royalties.
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  18. The fact that we're 24 hours into having the album and people are discussing Summer Boy, a song I don't think I've seen mentioned on this forum since the winter of 1892 is wild.
  19. RJF


    And I'm starting the LG7 thread tonight.
  20. Finally some good fucking food.
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