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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Feelin' Jovani walked so Babylon could run.

    Countess Luann is due her royalties.
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  2. The fact that we're 24 hours into having the album and people are discussing Summer Boy, a song I don't think I've seen mentioned on this forum since the winter of 1892 is wild.
  3. RJF


    And I'm starting the LG7 thread tonight.
  4. Finally some good fucking food.
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  5. Sam


    Summerboy best song on the fame bottom line cut and dry
  6. She should work with RedOne I think he’ll fix her career
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  7. I second this! It's potentially my favourite Gaga album (definitely the one I come back to the most).
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  8. It seems a tad premature to be thinking about Cheek 2 Cheek, but I guess you Little Bennettones have been waiting a long time already!
  9. Talking of The Fame, I Like it Rough is still a tune
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  11. Edu


    Ally Maine coming back with a new song called Love Me Right was also such a pleasant surprise. Like Halsey said in the movie when was announcing the Best New Artist winner at the Grammys: how great.
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  12. Oooft, the sumptuous, quality hooks aplenty across The Fame.

    Fame! (FAME!)
    Doin' it for the
    Fame! (FAME!)
    Cos we gottttta
    Taste for champagne
    And endless fortune


    Don't want no paper gangsta
    Won't sign no monkey papers
    I don't do funny business
    Not interested in fakers

    I'm in the bedroom
    With tissues, and when
    I know you're outside banging
    And I won't let you in

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  13. The fact I'm entering a Gaga album thread on release day to discover people talking about all of her releases but this one. This is crazy.

    This isn't a comment on anyone's use of the thread of opinion on the album by the way. It's just an interesting observation that's this is where her fanbase has arrived (or at least the ones on this forum).
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  14. The fuck this! I went for a beer and my mouth was chatting but my brain was like




  15. While I’m enjoying Chromatica I certainly don’t think it’s challenging... any of her albums at this point. At least not for me. There is some element to it that doesn’t feel atypically her in the back of my mind the more I listen and I can’t ever put my finger on it. But then there are some undeniable high points which feel so true to her that my criticism then fades away. If anything it actually feels more of the “outcast” of her albums to me than Joanne does, despite it veering more to the dance sound she made her name from. It feels more a case of Gaga submitting to dance music than making it bend at her will like she’s done in the past. Which is fine - I absolutely believe this is the album she wanted and needed to make and I can respect that, but the past five were so intrinsically her that nobody else could make them - that isn’t the case for everything here. But when she nails it, she nails it. It’s just that the lower ebb feels pretty anonymous in places.

    I think it’s enjoyable but certainly not worth the agonising near 4 years. The mythologising and drawn out silence did nobody any favours with that one. Do I wish it took more cues from the George Michael Too Funky vibes and leant significantly more into its classic 90’s house vibe? Yes. Do I think it’s probably a little too bloated with eurodance laced drops? Yes. Am I enjoying the biggest majority of it? Also yes.
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  16. Oh, so we're praising album tracks from her previous albums now?

    Let me throw this out there: "Americano" is the best song from "Born This Way". My favourite since the very first play.
  17. I love Neon Genesis Evangelion: Chromatica
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  18. Oh. Sis.
  19. Americano's a bit of a headache-in-a-can moment but I can't fault the message and the fact that she had the balls to even record something like it in the first place? Wig.

    The Gregori Klosman remix is also absolutely lethal to this day. That bassline, whew!

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  20. I think I’m just grieving that this is a Gaga album with so few choruses that I actually enjoy listening to.
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