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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Did someone say drag race?

    We love a crossover.
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  2. Tried listening to Sine From Above again.
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  3. Uh, "Sine from Above" is actually incredible, and I'm feeling more comfortable slotting it in among her best with each passing minute. It's truly epic.
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  4. The way Sour Candy is quite literally the sequel to Luv U Sum. After all this time she’s still not Splenda, dear.
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  5. I’m enjoying a lot of this to be honest. I don’t know why but listening to the songs paired up with the Spotify visuals and album photo shoots makes me appreciate the songs more maybe because graphic design is more passion dd.

    I also just really needed something like this to mindlessly bop to after a rough couple of weeks. It’s definitely not as adventurous as her previous work and totally understand the frustrations people have with it, but I’m okay with the fact that I’m enjoying it for what it is right now.

    @aux sis you got room on that worm brain planet of yours? xo

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  6. I can't get this part of Free Woman out of head today, maybe she's a 2020 Gaga moment


    IM A FREE WOoo MAYohhhh AYohhh AYohhhh AYooohhh AYoooYAN
    Im a free woo ma-an​
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  7. Honestly the only tracks I can stomach are

    Rain On Me
    Plastic Doll
    Sour Candy

    and that’s not praise of their quality per se. Alice has a good enough melody despite the tired Wonderland trope, Rain On Me is a cute moment, 911 is camp, Plastic Doll is Gaga cosplaying Alaska Thunderfuck cosplaying Gaga, Sour Candy is a fun throwaway bop, and we know how I feel about Replay.

    The rest are too cheap and sickly sweet. Babylon never really worked for me. The birds are cute though.
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  8. Stupid Love spent like 8 weeks on the Hot 100. That's how many weeks thank u, next and 7 Rings each stayed at #1. Just say "thank u, Ari" for the rain clouds!
  9. All this talk about the “transition!!!!” from Chromatica 2 to 911 and I...wouldn’t have noticed anything unusual about it myself. Sorry to this transition.

    I’m glad this album is bringing people so much joy. It’ll be my new Love + Fear - an album to put on while cleaning the bathroom.
  10. Still no making sense. Ariana collaborating with Gaga is one of the factors for sure, not the only one. . The attribution to only Ariana is bizarre. The song being catchy and good is the biggest factor on here, even appealing with tiktokers.
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  11. No one has said the song isn't catchy. No one has counted out Gaga's appeal on why its doing well. Would it have reached #1 specifically as a solo track? No.
  12. Don’t Call Me Angel didn’t go anywhere, sis. The song is a BOP, Ari is essential but it’s not just because of her.
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  13. Regardless of who got it to number one, Rain On Me is still going to freefall like my expectations did when this album leaked so... who cares.
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  14. I said it's a factor but work.
  15. I've been rinsing Plastic Doll for the past 2 hours

  16. Still not over the 1-2 punch of Free Woman and Fun Tonight
  17. RMK


    Rain On Me is actually headed for another week at number one, and with that under its belt there's really no reason for radio drop it. She'll stick around.
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  18. Two chart poisons outnumber chart gold. Basic maths!
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  19. It peaked at #2 in the UK, which appears to be the country BrokenHearts is referring to. Her 3 singles before that were #1. And Gaga's last #1 in the UK before Shallow? Telephone. In 2010. Its ok to admit Ariana was the biggest factor in it reaching #1. It doesn't diminish Gaga. She added Ariana for a reason.
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