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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Just to annoy you sis.
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  2. I think I want the Rain On Me vinyl.
  3. I may be in the minority here but the Target bonus tracks are a non-entity to me.
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  4. I'm glad to hear this because I have no intention of buying the deluxe.
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  5. Yea I like Love Me Right but it does sound like A Star Is Born song but it’s not needed on here.
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  6. How 1,000 Doves has one of the most predictable and generic drops I’ve ever heard


    How Babylon is Vogue put in a blender


    How Free Woman’s production is so sterile it’s almost eye roll inducing


    And yet, I’m learning to love the absolute vanillaness of parts of this.
  7. Damn. This is not doing much for me. I've had 3 listens and I am in disbelief at some of the lyric and production choices.
  8. "1000 Doves” is easily one of my favorites here. The drop might be predictable, but that doesn’t change the fact it gives me the most gorgeous sad dancefloor tingles.
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  9. You say this like she didn’t have other hits in the UK between Telephone and Shallow. This isn’t exactly a Billy Ray in Old Town Road situation.
    Obviously Ariana helped, but Stupid Love did very well in the UK and if properly promoted the ballads (without Bradley) would’ve been even bigger smashes in the UK.
  10. 1000 Doves is currently my most played after Rain On Me and the Free Woman demo.
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  11. Ugh the lyrics here are all so sad I can't help but bop.
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  12. I don't usually use demos tacked onto the end of an album, but the piano version of 1000 Doves is gorgeous.
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  13. BloodPop being the one to show behind the scenes pics is actually cute
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  14. The conversation was not about hits, it was about #1 specifically. I don't think Gaga is in a place to debut at #1 on her own anymore. I think thats where Ariana comes in and I think thats why Gaga and Co. wanted her on the track. It's ok. It's not that deep.
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  15. Are the credits for Love Me Right out?
  16. Full disclosure, demoitis is something I actively try to avoid but that first drop in Free Woman is still something I’m struggling to get over. It’s just so saccharine and sounds like an empty Tiësto remix. I think the rest of the new version is pretty good, especially the new buildup to the final chorus with the Unfinished Sympathy esque drum pattern, but it falls short of adding meat to the bones.

    That said, I will privately mourn the demo‘s chill 90s vibe (unless it gets a reprieve in the multiple versions in Chromatica thing Bloodpop talked about). That one could have been a really special career highlight for me. As it stands the new version is just alright (although the new vocal take is gorgeous).
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  17. I don't even mind the drop in Free Woman so much as I hate the few lyrical changes. It just doesn't flow as well as the demos did.
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  18. I've warmed up to Replay, but after multiple listens, I think it's my least favorite Gaga album. I never expected to hear such cheap and uninspired production (Sour Candy, Plastic Doll, 1000 Doves, Sine From Above, Stupid Love) on a Gaga album but here we are.
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  19. 100 Doves is a very Prince title.
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  20. You're missing about 900 doves there, sis.
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