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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. We can all agree it's absurd this is her highest rated album, yeah?
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  2. RMK



    1. Rain On Me 10
    2. Plastic Doll 10
    3. Fun Tonight 9 (I deserve a drag for this but I love it more than I'd like to admit)
    4. 1000 Doves 9
    5. Alice 8.5 (this bridge)
    6. 911 8.5
    7. Replay 8
    8. Enigma 8
    9. Stupid Love 8
    10. Free Woman 7.5
    11. Babylon 7.5
    12. Sine From Above 7
    13. Sour Candy 6.5

    I definitely think people will realize with time Stupid Love isn't the worst. It's hard to place the singles, though. Rain On Me is probably number one, but I've had it on loop for the past week.
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  3. No.
  4. I mean, I'm enjoying this more than I ever expected to, but really? Horses for courses, I suppose.
  5. It's the way Gaga sings "I'm tried of screaming... at the top of my lungs..." that does it for me. :)
  6. Literally any half-decent pop album can nab an 80+ metacritic score nowadays, the poptimism movement means jack shit now.

    How most of my fave albums were released a good two decades ago and getting maligned and critiqued with a not-so-subtle air of condescension by critics for simply having hooks while shit like Chromatica reaps all the benefits is absolutely infuriating.
  7. RMK


    If anyone's curious of her slayage.

    #1 album on Apple Music US.

    Apple Music US:
    2. Rain On Me
    14. Sour Candy
    20. Alice
    29. Stupid Love
    30. Free Woman
    34. 911
    43. Chromatica I
    44. Fun Tonight
    54. Plastic Doll
    58. Enigma
    59. Chromatica II
    67. Sine From Above
    69. Replay
    86. Babylon
    91. 1000 Doves
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  8. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I feel a growing resentment toward her for making it as easy as possible for critics and fans to devalue Joanne in favour of an album as tired and uninspired as this one.

    There was a way to mark a ~return to the dancefloor~ without shooting for the bottom of the barrel the way she did here. She wasn't serving these stale-ass drops even at the height of her powers, so the fact that's she gone about it in this way is absolutely infuriating.
  9. This being in the 80s while Joanne has a 67 is demented.
  10. I






    At least I'm not a fake.

  11. Did we ever learn what this is/when it's from? Her voice sounds very ARTPOP era. Whatever it is, it sounds fantastic.
  12. @RJF on his way to get his credit card to book hotel rooms and buy Chromatical Ball tickets after hating her all year long
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  13. Lady Gaga and the Chromatica Ball after rinsing the gays of their money

  14. So do we all agree that Replay is *the one* because it is *the one*.
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  15. This having her highest metacritic average is lowkey disgusting. Poptimism was a mistake.
  16. ...well I was coming in here to praise Enigma (song, not residency) but I guess I'll just sit over here and be quiet/let y'all vent dd
  17. She must really love “Babylon” – this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about her playing it on set of a shoot.

  18. It absolutely can't be a coincidence that those videos were allowed by Gaga to be posted without the sound muted, can it?
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  19. “Free Woman” might still be my favorite, even in its last incarnation.
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  20. I've never cared about metacritic scores.
    They're snapshots of how critics feel about the album at the time, if you compare album's scores, you're looking at different critics years apart. It just... doesn't matter?

    We can chat about it! It's one of her best vocal takes on the whole album. It's also got some... very enigmatic lyrics.
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