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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Exactly this.
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  2. Both songs are perfection.

    ...and miles above anything from this era.
  3. Joanne, The Cure, the A Star Is Born soundtrack and Chromatica are all great for different reasons.
  4. People ranking Babylon anywhere other than the Top 3 of the album...

    Where my little whores of Babylon at?
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  5. I can't decide if Babylon is amazing or a Vogue pastiche. Or both?
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  6. Hint: it’s not exceptional in any way.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. It seems to surround the idea of “gossip” about her being a pastiche to begin with, which is kind of amazing. The Bowie and Madonna influences being so overt make a lot of sense in that context.

    “Rip that song – Gossip, Babble on”

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  9. Chromatica is like listening to a Greatest Hits album, every single song is a Hit .. this makes the experience of listening to the album a little intense at times but there’s no denying that this really is an incredible body of work and moreover the best possible album to make for her at this point in her career . It’s incredibly catchy but also meaningful and personal - just the perfect Pop album . She really is the most incredible popstar out there
  10. Babylon is exceptional. Right from it's Age of Empire bird chirping to the chants of Babble Babble Babylon.
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  11. I finally caught up...150 pages later. As a die-hard Joanne lover, it is excruciating to see the critics pit it against this. I'm more in the @Andy French camp of loving both Chromatica and Joanne, but there's no reason this should end up with her highest Metacritic score. Born This Way or Joanne deserve that title hands down. Can't expect the critics who raved about Selena Gomez's recent effort to get it right though nn.

    Babylon is everything I could have asked for and more. It's really the track that just keeps giving. The birds and backing choirs are a nice touch of genius. And thanks for sharing your personal assault experience in the context of Replay, @theelusivechanteuse. I've unfortunately gone through a similar experience as a teenager and the lyrics perfectly capture the confusion and self-doubting that follows an assault. I'm so glad I have that song in my life now.
  12. I guess we know who's not partying like it's B.C. tonight

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  13. "Babylon" is that song that a stan dreams up before the start of an album campaign when we don't have any details; it's basically "Ma Ma Ma Pa Pa Perfect Illusion," except real. So I get why some of y'all like it.
  14. Sorry sis, that's gossip, but babble on I guess
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  15. That’s Alice.
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  16. RJF


    That's this entire album.
  17. She namedrops BloodPop in “Babylon” so. Let that one marinate.
  18. 911 keeps getting better with every listen.

    Please be a single.
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  19. I feel like Free Woman will be the next and final single. With COVID, "postponed" tour, postponed Vegas, post album singles rarely taking off, etc I don't really see this getting much more of a campaign.
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  20. And somehow the less-than-half-baked album concept they’ve hastily prepared to give this collection of bops a meaning will remain as unexplained as ever.
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