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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I have weird feelings about this album. It's a great dance pop album, I kept maybe six or seven songs on my iTunes but if I hear any of the other tracks outside I would love to dance to them. Is this normal? Is this the Chromatica effect?
  2. Why so much hate for Fun Tonight?
    I guess to love it you must relate to the lyrics somehow.
    Also Free Woman is such an anthem, single material.
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  3. Plastic Doll, but released during ARTPOP with a video/photoshoot centered around the Moschino Barbie collection that came out a year after Artpop. Where themes of being a scrutinised superstar would have been more relevant too.





  4. I’m still surprised by the cool reception to Enigma when it’s still far and away the best thing here for me. Love her growling vocals, love the slight call and response (or whatever) in the bridge, the production wears 90s on its sleeve without being as reductive as elsewhere on the record AND doesn’t have a flop instead of a drop like some other culprits. It’s so solid.

    I’ve settled on liking this album. But I really like or love every other Gaga record. Every criticism levelled at it in this thread is entirely fair.
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  5. It’s amazing how an album I heard for the first time less than 2 days ago already feels so redundant and far away...
  6. RJF


    I've played Future Nostalgia more in the last two days than this.
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  7. The way poptimism is destroying critical appraisal of music...
  8. I’m not even a Future Nostalgia stan but yes, even the most worthwhile moments on Chromatica (Enigma, Replay) make me feel like I’d be better off listening to new Dua.
  9. I still think Future Nostalgia... ain’t really it, either.
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  10. RJF


    Did I not make myself clear on Thursday?

  11. Can we get a more fabulous hand holding the gun on these memes? Those fingernails are tragic.
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  13. And yet you still haven't listened to The Archandroid or The Electric Lady.

    Saying that, I stand by what I said before that Born This Way is a great album and I'll cherry pick what I like from the rest.
  14. RJF


    Will be watching to see who likes @Itty Bitty Piggy's post too.

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  15. I really want some cute live performances of this album. And if she's going to perform 911 without using a live vocoder, don't even bother.

    I'll quote with this so nobody else has to.
  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

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    nn @Babylon a username change after HOW LONG? To THAT? The brand self-destruction. A mess.
  18. I’ve had a couple more spins of this.

    I really like 911 and... the rest isn’t inspiring anything in me, Rain On Me being a banger aside.
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  19. It’s highly disappointing to me that I still feel somewhat cold on this even after several listens. “:/“ I’ve had such moments in my life with every album she’s released so far and I don’t think this one will follow suit (Rain on Me and Babylon aside, which are instant Gaga classics for me). On paper I should love everything about it (and thought I would in the run up to this), but I just... don’t.

    Instead of being this retro leaning 90s house tinged Techno Diva™ moment - a glory run after all she’s faced and been through, it’s just kind of hollow, somewhat anonymous and quite... sterilised in places. Although I didn’t notice the length and still don’t all that much, I think several of the songs lack the real room to breathe for her to toy around with the structure. The production is so slick and polished and I think it’s perhaps too much. Free Woman is so completely sanitised to the point it just feels a saccharine empty sentiment now than the rallying cry of her femininity and ability to survive it was and could be. Sine From
    Above is just a wall of 2014 laden noise to me honestly. Plastic Doll is so anonymous and Fun Tonight isn’t much better (lyrics notwithstanding). There are some real high points that I wish she’d taken the cues from for the rest of the album but that wasn’t the case. The groovy 90s vibes of Babylon and Enigma are some of the few moments I really feel it comes alive and crackles with warmth and life.

    I will remain an ARTPOP defender and always wonder what DJWS would have done with this album. And that’s not to put the onus on the producer as the nucleus of the work, but I’m just not all that sure if Bloodpop is a Gaga producer. That being said the combination he had with Boys Noize seemed infinitely more interesting to me than just a bunch of 2012 Euro dance drops. Boys Noize just released a house song which just fizzles with the post disco warmth and fire I expected this album to have. But sadly it doesn’t. It’s a route I didn’t ever really expect Gaga to go down in dance music and it’s quite disappointing. She always felt more of a music snob than to go for the lowest common denominator elements of a dance song.

    I suppose the bigger thing to me is more about my wider perception of her in 2020 than the fact it’s not really doing anything for me. What do you do when the artist you’ve basically grown up alongside doesn’t feel all that vital anymore? It’s all part and process I suppose, and hopefully the next one will be more up my street. And if it’s not... oh well.
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  20. I went through something similar when Jessie Ware released Glasshouse. It's the build up to have it not be your thing that hits hardest and it gets easier over time. Hopefully there will be a pay off and she'll come back with something that's like What's Your Pleasure.
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