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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. What's his number x
  2. RMK


    I love Plastic Doll. Her delivery on the chorus really seals the deal.
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  3. I actually really like how the different dance music influences were incorporated into the album, but I can see why someone would find that unappealing, or even annoying. For the most part it's mild and sanitized. Anyway Gaga in general has never been one to dive deeply into genres, has she? Except when she did Cheek to Cheek ddddd She likes to cherry pick influences and make with that something of her own, which ultimately I'd say is much more interesting than having her try to mimick something that already exists.
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  4. The hot takes from the fair-weather Fame Monster fans need to stop.
  5. "1000 Doves" is starting to become a favorite. The melody is lovely, and the lyrics are painfully earnest in a way that's quite sweet.
  6. Hair Body Face has 119 plays on my iTunes. I suspect most of these songs won't come near that.
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  7. The way the saxophone in Babylon teleports my gay ass back to the 90s

  9. Babylon is a perfect piece of joyous british cigarettery, I'm so glad she binned whatever fucking cacophonous racket was going on in the Haus Labs commercial and kept this lovely take.

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  10. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    ‘Hair Body Face’ is better than everything here.
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  11. Her saying "is anyone there? hello" on her Deezer skit, just in case no one's logged into it since 2014. I -
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  12. One of my good friends said that Chromatica is probably her second favourite album of all time. Mind you, her absolute favourite is Sweetener and when I reminded her how much she loved Carly's Emotion, she said she listened to it recently and it's a bit "eh"...
  13. Talent won!

  14. She has a shirt with the cover and it's her town flag in Animal Crossing.

  15. Support talent.
  16. I just keep hearing a “Black Jesus” mixing in with “Babylon” over and over in my head every time i hear it.
  17. Me: this album isn't it for me oh at all
    Also me throughout the day:
    what you awn
    munny don't talk

    babble on

    Battle for your LIFE

  18. I just put The Cure as a bonus track after 1000 Doves (Piano Version)
  19. Ari's last imma bout to fly in the Rain On Me video is the hardest she's ever lipsynced for her life in a music video.
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  20. Why is this serving "Worst Line Distributions in K-Pop History" Youtube video teas? ddd

    SISTAR found shaking!
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