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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Yeah. But then there’s things like her planning to do it during Coachella and I’m left like ???

    And here’s the splits to the solo and R. Kelly versions just because:

  2. I wonder if she's not as interested in dressing up her music in the latest, most ornate bleeps and bloops anymore and is more interested in immediacy and honesty in her music. Maybe the towering, thundering productions of Born this Way and ARTPOP were a sort of armor she used to shield herself and after breaking down that wall, her priorities lie more in healing herself and others through her music rather than complex, challenging soundscapes. Not that the two cannot co-exist but her handing over the production reigns completely over to Bloodpop and his team is out of character.
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  3. Honestly I stan how you always justify your paragraphs. It makes my eyes go a bit crazy when I try to read your posts on my phone but werk.
  4. New interview. I guess the “portal to the other realm” is this era’s “girl in the field with her boxed wine”

  5. I think that visual albums aren't exactly the best idea in an era where most post-album single releases tend to struggle. Music videos are generally the one thing that can be used to draw more attention to a song after an album release, so by releasing all of your videos at once, you lose that promo opportunity when you eventually release the single.
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  6. I do think some of the disconnect happening here - in relation to past albums - is that due to the circumstances of the world this doesn't really feel like an era, it just feels like an album. But I also think visually this has been a rough go for her. Stupid Love is truly a terrible video and I think if it had been more akin to her Paper shoot (and wasn't shot on an iPhone) people would like Stupid Love more. A good visual can make a song better, so even if Stupid Love was never gonna be someones cup of tea, it would maybe at least not be treated like an ugly stepchild if it had a more striking video. The whole Chromatica world doesn't feel connected to this album. It seems like something she decided post-album and visually and thematically it just doesn't feel like it works with the actual music. I think this album would have been better off titled Sour Candy and she could have bullshitted a spiel about how the album is about finding joy (candy) in her pain (the sour.... admittedly this is very Hard Candy but I'm just spitballing), because as it is it all feels sort of misplaced and a bit leftover from Born This Way.
  7. I’m hopeful Bloodpop talking about multiple versions means they’re going to let Boys Noize loose to remix some of these to the 90s house glory they deserve. I truly wish he’d stuck around on this one because I think he had the vision to pull the house vibe off beautifully.

    Getting some innovative stuff like that on Chromatica TV could be the saving grace of this album for me.
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  8. This sounds like a pipe dream for any artist but particularly Gaga who mostly trots out the same mixes of songs live she always has, and whose album and tour concepts almost always have a ramshackle half-baked air to them. Her new album doesn’t even have a cover on the format most fans will be inclined to purchase/listen.

    I was just thinking earlier about how poorly handled the “tribes” theme was handled, when she could have gone full Tori Amos and embedded the concept. She could have assigned songs on the album to the tribes to add new thematic angles, she SHOULD have provided imagery of her within each tribe colours, then had an album cover for each (milk those fans yas). We been knew the concept was made up in 5 minutes but like... come on.

    I have no faith in her sticking the landing with much genuinely exciting at the moment.
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  9. Does that sound like something you want
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  10. Well let me tell you I’ll NEVER get it.
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  11. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    She should’ve just titled the album Private In Public and justified the collection of castoffs sound of the whole thing.

  12. [​IMG]
  13. Last night (Our lovers quarrel) I was out in our local queer bar and the whole album got played. My friends gave me the look since they know how I feel about the record. But those other ppl who are normally losing their shit to Justice, Fever Ray and Björk were dancing, enjoying themselves and I felt a bit better seeing that. I guess it's done it's job in this more bitter then sweet way.

    Although I know it was several pages ago, what kind of fucking audacity is BloodPoop even serving with THAT picture of Joanne in a backseat? Once he manages to actualy handle a production of an A-list pop star album, which he didn't, he can speak words.

  14. The album’s working title was supposedly Free Woman. Gaga did say the Chromatica theme came later, after they wrote “Sine From Above”. I can’t speak on whether or not the sound and visuals connect for everyone else, since I’ve been viewing this whole thing as a sci-fi twist on Alice in Wonderland that she sees the world as, and it’s personally working for me!
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  15. RJF


    Yeah, I think this is the crux of the matter. The lack of her name across the entire album on the production credits is really, really jarring, and I can't think of any conceivable reason for it when she even has production credits on songs she didn't perform on A Star Is Born. The only other album where she doesn't have a single production credit is the debut. It's just so weird. You couple it with the fact that this album appears to have been pushed back a whole year to prioritise other things, the songs being passed around and becoming a producer bukkake where no one seemed to be able to take any concrete direction, and the fact that all of the imagery is basically just a bunch of tired tropes from even more tired collaborators from her hey day and it's like... where is she? Did she really just put down her vocals and leave? Girl, where do you think you're going?

    I also agree that this album was going to do well regardless and it feels like such a missed opportunity. The bounce from A Star Is Born was always going to assist and it this feels more like treading water with that bounce rather than a definitive statement piece. She didn't even have to do something daring or destabilising (GOD FORBID) but just do something genuinely rich and gratifying. I'll be curious to see if the people loving the album at the moment still love it and are playing it in a month, because it feels like fast food pop music at this point.
  16. The whole time you've been viewing it that way? Cuz beyond one song on the album I'm not sure how anyone would get Alice in Wonderland from the imagery put forward thus far.
  17. This has nothing to do with Chromatica but can someone please tell me if The Fame Monster uncensored on cd was only released in Australia? Are also the reprint from around the world censored? @mindtrappa
  18. The Japanese CD/DVD version is also uncensored (well, except for “Teeth”).
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  19. Rain On Me debut at #2 on the Australian Single Charts.

    Stupid Love peaked at #7 here, so good result!
  20. Mama Papa Pa! The Hits of Lady Gaga.
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