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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Island

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    The ITZY song at the end of Sine from Above kinda slaps.
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  2. This is all for the imaginary remix album I’m building in my head, where they choose a handful of tracks and give them the full club treatment on one side and strip it back to purely piano and orchestra on the the other. But yeah.
  3. I will say I almost ran through a stop sign while playing Sine From Above in my car. Never again.
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  4. SONIKKU had a clip of a remix he did for Rain On Me on twitter but it was blocked shortly after. It sounded really good.
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  5. Sine From Above - 1000 Doves - Babylon maybe be the greatest final three songs on an album since I don't know when. Phenomenal. I keep finding new things to love about this album every time I listen to it.
  6. The track lengths scream pandering to the streaming era, Replay being a song title is not a coincidence.
  7. God please be official please please please
  8. I lowkey hated the tribes"Haus" things so I'm just unbothered it really didn't go any further than... Stupid Love dd. Totally get why people would be upset though, at first it felt like it was going to be a main point in this era.

    We need you to SPAM Bobby with that. Hearing stuff like the 1000 Doves demo and reading they sped-up Fun Tonight, while also hearing the few demos and ideas and where they sprung from.... Chromatica really could be anything.

    Also kinda off but it reminds me of how we they used to speak about doing all these versions from each song on Born This Way.
  9. Post I saw on AT*L.

    “Insider Brie Candy from GGD just said that "They want to shoot Sour Candy video next month." [​IMG] I don't know how reliable this is but most people there seem to trust him/her.”

    @mindtrappa Bullshit or Tea?
  10. Dd we’ll see what they have planned. I said it before, but I think (and hope) that because she’s not going to be touring or performing anything large scale that brings the album to life, they’ll want to give us more than we normally would get from a typical Gaga era to help recoup any costs, especially now that it’s looking like the album is a success commercially.

    Also, re: “tribes” I kind of agree. Although based on what Nicola said, they’ve only just started building out the world of Chromatica.
  11. I think I’ll probably never get over the original demo of Free Woman and the final version being so suffocated by cheap, unnecessary production bits that killed every atom of the song’s emotion. The biggest gag of it all is that most of my GP friends prefer the latter, which is utterly bizzare to me.
  12. It's such a scream that the final bar of the Free Woman outro contains some kind of random ass Casio synth sample that has at no point featured in the song before the 3:08 mark, absolutely does not need to be there, and actively works against the otherwise clean reverb of the sudden ending.

    I have listened to Free Woman about 15 times today so clearly this is no big deal. It's just hilarious to me.
  13. I think I'd be less upset they took away the clear house influence from the Free Woman demo if they had kept the 'I want to be free forever baby' bridge. Its absence is very noticeable
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  14. Oops, I almost posted it myself. But taste.
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  15. Sam


    I hope y’all are replaying Replay the way you’re replaying this take x
  16. I wonder if 1000 Doves is about her previous ex. The song also is creeping up to be one of my favourites
  17. Sour Candy, despite being a bop, is probably one of her most faceless tracks since Christmas Tree.
  18. Giving me this, but successful.

  19. Love that he posted this

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