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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Is Sine From Above inspired by Delerium Silence since that trancy part sounds a bit like it? And since it was on that playlist on spotify.
  2. No!


    *Glances at Rihanna book gathering dust on my shelf*
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  3. A gay in my life just asked me why I don't like "chroma-tee-ka."
  4. Talk it out, babble on!
  5. Boppp
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  6. The nails in this image fukk.
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  7. I saw the post where someone asked in here what the chorus of Replay is reminiscent of but if it was answered I didn't see it.

    Anyone have suggestions? It's the background noise throughout the chorus - and then it takes over more prominently for the post-chorus breakdown bit. It's like those whirring glitchy vocal noises are pulling at some cogs in my head but I can't place where I've heard that before.
  8. Her delivery and the production sounds like a Sophie Ellis-Bextor song through and through to me, but as for specific bleeps and blops in the production I'm not sure if I can pinpoint it to any one song.

    It's just very... early Calvin Harris/Freemasons/later Basement Jaxx.
  9. “Serve it ancient city style”.

  10. To me “Reply” is very “Lady” by Modjo.
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  11. The “oohs” in Fun Tonight reminds me a little of the ones in the Bad Romance demo.
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  12. I’m a bit slow on the uptake here as only managed to listen to the album (bonus tracks too) in full yesterday. I can honestly say I bloody loved it from start to finish. Despite the doom and gloom Lady Gaga has brought the goods for the gays this time around.
  13. Plastic Doll has the same problem as Alice in that its built up around a single, clichéd metaphor and then never even tries to find an interesting way to transcend or distort that cliché.
  14. Eh, this is only partially true. Yes, she wanted to make an immature party album full of radio hits. But she was also talking about it being made out of anger in her Little Monster chats long before it even came out, like an entire year. “ARTPOP” as a song itself is more than a little passive aggressive about where her headspace was at. She spoke of addiction and her hip, etc. while promoting “Applause”. And of course there was the entire LADY GAGA IS OVER narrative she was painting with the single’s promo and the original VMA concept.

    And while “Swine” and “Do What U Want” might be the most overtly aggressive tracks, there’s still the through line of her real life downward spiral that is the entire second half of the album. Whether or not this was intentional or subconscious is another story, but I don’t think it can be argued that it’s not there when we all watched it happen. What she wanted to do and what she ended up doing as a reaction to what was going on in her real life are different.
  15. She really told the ‘Bring back FameGa’ Monsters to go fuck themselves on ‘Replay’ and ‘Fun Tonight’ didn’t she?
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  16. A bop, even slowed down

  17. Ehh the rest of the album is a love letter to them anyway. The real fans that are disappointed are those of us who expected some type of growth on this album.
  18. Oh piss off, we’re not starting this “only real fans don’t like the album” bullshit
  19. I think it’s fine people aren’t a fan of the production, but if anyone can read the lyrics here and still seriously say there’s been no growth, then I genuinely don’t know what to say.
  20. I’m just now listening on Spotify with the visualizers and the notes and on Replay she specifically says it’s her monsters not the little ones. She knew.
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