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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Where is this? UK? iTunes?
  2. Mid week chart update in the UK. Official chart on Friday.
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  3. RJF


    I think the lyrics are good, but what’s the point of everything around them is rubbish?
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  4. THIS.

    I know I keep hammering on about it (I'll bore myself soon, so don't worry too much), but I keep going back to this bit from Sine...

    Yeah, I looked
    With my face up to the sky, but I saw nothing there
    No, no, nothing there
    Yeah, I stared
    While my eyes filled up with tears, but there was nothing there
    No, no, nothing

    I heard one sine from above
    I heard one sine from above
    Then the signal split in two
    The sound created stars like me and you
    Before there was love, there was silence
    I heard one sine
    And it healed my heart, heard a sine

    That is fucking beautiful. And heartbreaking. The composition of this section is perfection.
  5. In terms of the topics she goes into in the album’s mid-section, sure. But the album also contains Alice, Plastic Doll, Sour Candy and others with tired-as-hell imagery and lyrics. These are varying levels of “bop!”, but it’s fair to call these eye-roll worthy moments for people looking for compelling, strong lyrics. (Argument to be made that those were never her strong point, but they’re certainly a TURN post Joanne, let’s say that)
  6. Thanks!
  7. If this album was a visual album... holy shit! I can only image how iconic it would be.
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  8. After playing the album at my friends garden drinks over the weekend, it’s safe to say Alice, Enigma, Free Woman, 911, Replay and Babylon absolutely went the fuck off.
  9. I’ve seen people saying this is her best album and...I’ve never felt so much pain.
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  10. The dramatics!
    (Both them and you).
  11. Why couldn't she work with Basement Jaxx? Like, why not go to the source or work with their proteges?
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  12. RJF


    A visual album considering the videos we've got so far makes me... wary. Mostly because I feel I can already predict it. "Plastic Doll" would probably be her dressed in all her iconic outfits (because this era is trying to summon nostalgia like a thumb in a bullet wound summons pain) miming through the plastic packaging, after which the entire range would go on sale on her website.

    Then maybe end it with a moment like this that shows she's nothing but bleeps and bloops inside


    Then you've got stuff like "911" which would probably just be like the video for Katy's "365" where her anxiety spikes are glitches etc. "Sour Candy" could literally just be her and BLACKPINK sitting stationary against a white wall and it would get the most views. "Enigma" would be her in a disco and when the strobe light hits it exposes all her friends as robots, blah blah blah. Awkward hands in the sky choreo across the board. End.

    It's sci-fi trope roulette. I don't think it would be in service of much.
  13. Why are the people who hate this album still here? We heard you the first hundred times.

  14. Not just in the mid-section. And I never said the lyrics were made of titanium. I said there was growth when someone stated there was none. Let’s not take leaps over here when nothing beyond that was said.
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  15. I don't see a visual album for Gaga. Or for Chromatica. Gaga is at a point in her career where she can't just call up Melina Matsoukas to film some quick music videos in a studio like Beyoncé did for the B'Day Anthology; it would be a disservice to the rest of her videography. We'd all be expecting a Beyoncé or a Lemonade. And considering the album's sci-fi visuals, it wouldn't be cheap.

    I would like Gaga to do a music video with Melina though.
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  16. This is the first time i'm going attempt a gaga album since Fame Monster.

    Wish me luck.

    (because stupid love is a gigabop)
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  17. It's so frustrating when you can hear a genuinely brilliant pop song, but the dated production ruins it. Fucking Bloodpop.
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  18. 9/10 from The Line of Best Fit, and this review didn’t even have to throw Joanne under the bus!
  19. It’s my third favourite after Joanne and Fame Monster. Hope you enjoy!
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