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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. If I enjoy Joanne was my next stop.
  2. I said this on twitter earlier but “visual album!” is what people say when they like literally any album. And based on the two videos we have and the abandoned-at-the-door “concept” of the era, why would you want 13 no-budget videos instead of 3/4 low-budget?

    She’s not going to push visual boundaries like Björk or ever provide a suite of cohesive but differing visuals like Madonna, nor do the erratic nature of her albums lend themselves to the full treatment like Bey so...
  3. Joanne is really good! I want to say Chromatica is my second favourite Gaga album after Fame Monster because Joanne is such an outlier for me. She has better songs but that’s her best album for me.
  4. It is low-key sad that Gaga's last good music video was "G.U.Y."
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  5. Why the hell are you ignoring her best album?
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  6. But wow what a mom-

    Her videography now includes the videos for Stupid Love, Rain On Me and Million Reasons.
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  7. RJF


    I mean sis if redundancy is your problem feel free to also turn your ire towards people informing us how good it is over and over. I'll be over here making new points as the conversation shifts while you... do whatever it is you do.
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  8. Perfect Illusion? John Wayne?

  9. I think it’s valid for people to discuss the album if they dislike it particularly if they are invested heavily in her back catalogue.
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  10. I thought of John Wayne! I think Rain on Me is good too.
  11. Perfect Illusion and John Wayne and Rain On Me all say hi.
  12. Do people really consider Rain on Me a bad video? It legit is a product of the era it's trying to fit in with.
  13. It's a discussion forum and not an appraisal or stanning website and difference of opinions, critiques and disputes are to be expected.
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  14. Now this is how you do a review. It’s so boring at this point to see past work thrown under the bus (maybe even a little by her producers) when she’s always stood by the fact that each album was indicative of her life at the time and was what she felt she needed to make. They all link into each other in her career journey and are vital to whatever comes after them as she picks up something new along the way. Just as she was able to address the trauma hanging over her family and her life with Joanne she clearly has come a long way in her mental health and self worth journey with this album and that is wholly important to both her life and her career going forward. So the album has of course been vital to her personal journey, even if it’s not necessarily universally loved here.

    I think it’s great (for her) that this is so well received and I hope it gives her a big confidence boost in her writing ability. I think it’s also great for us that the acclaim and success puts the onus on her personally to create something she feels is as worthy of praise next time and I think she typically works well under that form of pressure.
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  15. I think the different takes on the album is quite interesting and helps keep the conversation going. I would like some more in depth interviews about the lyrics as the blurbs for each track on Spotify interested me.
  16. RJF


    The video for "Rain On Me" is... fine. It's carried mostly by the Gaga and Ariana being fun to watch, and a few of the setups are good, but it does descend into green screen hell, and not the kind that can be hand waived with a quick, "um it's inspired by shit b-movies!!! it's intentionally bad!" explanation. But it's fun, and rewards multiple watches like "Stupid Love", which punished them.
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  17. Free Woman is the one that has improved most for me on repeated listens. I saw it as entirely discardable on first listen, but it’s flourished into such a gorgeous, breezy, summery, confident bop.
  18. If they still plan on doing 6 videos, then I imagine it looking like this when all is said and done. This is all just speculation based on the forecast she posted before “Rain On Me” was released, since these were the songs that matched the track times:

    Stupid Love
    Rain On Me
    Free Woman
    Sour Candy
    Fun Tonight

    “911” was also a match, but we only have 6 slots, so I guess it can go either way for “Fun Tonight” since she was apparently already working on a “Free Woman” video and “Sour Candy” is a no brainer.
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  19. Trinity Taylor voice Wheyur. Awr. The remixes.
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  20. I would like to switch Fun Tonight with 911 and that would be amazing.
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