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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Yeah it almost feels like it wasn't finished and they didn't care to go back and finish it, so they just did a fade out dd.

    Despite all of the relatively short song lengths, the only ones that feel too short to me are Sour Candy and Love Me Right.
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  2. As much as it might make the majority here wince to hear it (er, read it), I do think Fun Tonight would work really well as a single. It has one of the most big radio friendly melodies on the album and because the track is... completely unexciting and sort of middle of the road pop, it would probably be a good bet to keep her Hot AC audience around. And I imagine Interscope wants them to stick around.
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  3. Her Mariahisms are hella strong on “Love Me Right”

  4. Babylon video idea.
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  5. I am shook at Pitchfork liking this, but I’ll take it.
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  6. R92


    This is really about to be her most acclaimed album...

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  7. After four days Plastic Doll seems to be the skippable one for me. It's a little Ally, but it doesn't equate to the fun we got from those songs, and very try hard in point.
    Alas, I like the experience of listening to the whole album at the moment, so there's nothing facing the chop (chop chop) yet.
  8. Ma ma pe pe perfect meta critic!
  9. Until they review Born This Way for the 10th year anniversary and people will actually see that it really is her best album (and will never be topped).
  10. Actually let me update this and say I'd love a keyboard and drum machine version a la Allie X's Analog Version of Super Sunset. A pared down version to really highlight it's wonderful melodies and her voice.
  11. Ugh, these reviews. The thing is, as people have noted, there is a real progression to her song-building here that really could've sat among - perhaps even above - her best, but the extra-palatable production and shitty drops really drag everything so far down. I love Fun Tonight because it feels like a progression from her melancholy The Fame b-side pop ballads, a la "No Way", which makes the production feel cute and appropriate despite not being exciting. It also has the only drop that really works.
  12. I would too, I'd also like to hear one of Sine From Above.

    This album has grown on me a lot in the past couple of days.
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  13. The last time she did this was with Born This Way
  14. In semi-related news, can the full Norbert Schoerner shoot leak please?
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  15. STRUT.

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  16. rdp


    I love the individual looks and set pieces from the G.U.Y. video but the whole "Gaga uses Minecraft to create clones of Jesus and Gandhi" storyline was something that really hasn't gotten better with time.
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  17. My only gripe with the music videos is that I wish the first one introduced us to the whole Chromatica thing better. Choosing Alice could have provided a nice introduction to the loose concept of Chromatica.
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  18. Replay and Enigma are really flat out incredible. I'm feeling mixed about the album, but those two alone make the whole project worth it.
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  19. I'm addicted to the edited tracklist I created for this. I... think I love this album.
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