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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I know. I still hate that what she did solidly present (the tribes) weren’t done well - and if we’re honest, are unlikely to be expanded upon. The comics fan in me wanted her to address it like the Lantern Corps in DC.
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  2. What a group of talent.
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  3. Well done Queens! I am so happy for them both!
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  4. Legends whew
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  5. Women taking over the charts. We love to see it.
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  6. The Valentina levels of redemption of all of this for Googs is hilarious and well-earned teebs.
  7. music this decade is gonna be british cigarettey got to be got to be
  8. Not sure if mentioned already but Boys Noize released Mvinline the same day as Chromatica, I guess to capitalize on his involvement (or lack thereof). I wonder if his involvement started and ended with Rain on Me. I'd love to hear what they could come up with in the future.

  9. Judging by 2020 already we’re gonna need all the British Cigarettey music has to offer.
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  10. This photo is better.
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  11. Not many artists can say they've scored #1s two years in a row with songs as vastly different as Shallow and Rain On Me. The range, we love to see it!
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  12. Speaking just on impact. This blew me over in the same way Cheek To Cheek did.
  13. RMK


    The way Shallow's oscar week and number one (and even Rain On Me's release at this point) feel way further back than a year ago...
  14. This is gonna sound weird but it reminds me of Scary (from Femme Fatale) dd
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  15. This would be fire with a Gaga topline. *Clown voice* maybe we'll get some remixes and edits by Boyz Noize.
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  16. 'Fun Tonight' is great vocally and lyrically, but the music immediately makes me think of Jess Glynne.
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  18. Ddddd I can't at the record breaking success and critical acclaim basically boiling down to
  19. The sample in Mvinline though. Sylvia Striplin stays winning!

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