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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. This would be fire with a Gaga topline. *Clown voice* maybe we'll get some remixes and edits by Boyz Noize.
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  2. 'Fun Tonight' is great vocally and lyrically, but the music immediately makes me think of Jess Glynne.
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  4. Ddddd I can't at the record breaking success and critical acclaim basically boiling down to
  5. The sample in Mvinline though. Sylvia Striplin stays winning!

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  6. Naught Mvinline giving exactly the kind of sound that could have saved this album. Cursed!
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  7. Maybe it's just the warm weather and sunshine, but I want a remix album that spotlights all the 00s funky house elements of the album. The album leans so much more into that era rather than the 90s it's a bit funny (which to be fair, was all over that playlist too).
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  8. R92


    God, the idea of her and her producers for this album (I'm thinking Boyz Noise and Mark Ronson teebs) building it around actual song samples like the classic 90s house hits (and Mvinline) rather than just taking elements relatively evocative of those samples without the same character... *chefs kiss*
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  9. Give me an obnoxious 8 min Babylon remix featuring an intermission by Cardi B that samples this
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  10. We are all going to collectively manifest Babylon feat. Cardi B, yes we will.
  11. Babylon, that's Babylon
    You know I never let a man babble on
    Less his bulge peak higher than the matterhorn
    Give me the horn even though I ain't a Capricorn

  12. RJF


    This will be another hit post.

  13. This would've been cool for another variant of the vinyl... ugh
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Based on what BloodPop said about “Rain On Me” and “Replay” it sounds like they actually did, although none of them appear in the liner notes, which is unfortunate since I love hearing original samples.

    “Rain On Me”

  16. Ooh, Jane Elliot is wonderful though so that's a fair swap.
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  17. I know it's not about her, but I'm proud of her for doing that. It might be tough to let go of the spotlight being on an album that is finally out (after already being pushed back for something else and being released in such a weird time) to make room for something more important right now. She's handling this extremely well.
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  18. It's sad this big moment for her has come at such a solemn time. It's been a bit of a whiplash to even listen to the album even though I'm enjoying it.
  19. Obviously everything happening at the moment with the protests and before with CO-VID rightfully take precedent and my heart is fully invested in both but my god it must be observed that the timing this era has truly been cursed.
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