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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. My vinyl still hasn't arrived yet
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  2. I'm so proud of her for achieving #1!

    The short track lengths are a total trickery, they have caused me to play this FAR more then I anticipated according to and I don't even feel like I have been listening to music much the last few days. dddd I keep looping the album to get those sweet music morsels!

    Joanne the scammer snapped!
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  3. Excited for labels to see female collabs dominating and suddenly have an even bigger influx of dream duets before the years' end.
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  4. Verse 1 in particular of Replay gives me major Sophie Ellis-Bextor energy - the melody and delivery, whew.
  5. Jane Elliot is gonna snatch some fucking white follicles like she always does so she’s perfect.
  6. 1000 Doves isn’t getting enough love teebs
  7. My milky clear vinyl delivered. I don't know if it's my turntable or the record, but every song sounds pitched down JUST a bit. Ugh.
  8. Sounds like it could be a turntable issue. I’ve heard surprisingly great reviews about the vinyl, lack of any packaging aside.
  9. Yeah, gonna try some things out and see if I can get it to sound right. It's a cute pressing, lackluster packaging and all considered.
  10. I’m screaming. We are definitely not getting one with a cover now.
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  11. Crisis averted. My needle wasn't really weighted properly on the record. ALL GOOD.
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  12. "Rain On Me" CD singles, cassettes and both vinyls have sold out on her store. I guess they got that #1 and don't need to make any more?
    Glad I snatched both of those vinyls up! Bring on end of August and early September deliveries !!!
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  13. *Chromatica tour in my brain* Free (the Ultra Nate track) is interpolated into Free Woman. The audience weeps.
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  14. I know I'm overreacting so I just wanna say that first of all and please don't bother with any snarky replies. In fact, don't bother replying at all, I just wanna vent.

    I really wanna listen to this album. Like really. I think I'll love it.

    But I've tried three times, and I can't.

    I was sort of semi-following this era and this thread until Stupid Love, which I thought was enjoyable, but lacking substance. Couldn't keep up with the thread after that since it moves a million fucking miles an hour but a few weeks later I noticed Rain On Me pop up on YouTube, so I gave it a listen and really enjoyed it. It made me excited to hear more.

    Then a few days later I played the video. I guess I was mentally primed to see something upsetting knowing it was a song with Ariana released on the anniversary of the Manchester bombing, but I wasn't prepared for the opening shot to be Gaga lying apparently dead on the floor with screws in her face.

    I managed to watch about twenty or thirty seconds, until the point where the chorus kicks in and shrapnel starts raining own on Gaga, and then I started to feel sick and had to shut it off. I haven't been able to listen to the song without thinking about it since (although I still think it's a great song.)

    I didn't think it would affect my ability to enjoy the album, but three times I've tried to play it and I haven't made it past track two. All I can think about when I press play is that video. And its connotations. And then I start to feel nauseous and I have to turn it off.

    It's pissing me off because Alice sounds like a banger and I think I'd love it if this weren't holding me back from listening to it properly.

    But I honestly can't shake this horrible feeling no matter what I do and I'm worried I'm gonna have to just give the album a miss. But I really want to fucking listen to it, ugh.

    Okay, okay, rant over. Please just ignore me unless you have something actually constructive to say, thank you.
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  15. I think she sounds great on Love Me's very bonus track though.
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  16. Rain On Me snatching the #1 is so satisfying. The way interpolation of All this Love that I'm Givin shifts just enough to give the instrumental satisfying peaks and valleys, the godly vocals from both ladies coming together, the absolutely bulletproof hooks and melodies... by far the song most pleasing to me this era. A fantastic addition to her arsenal of hits.
  17. Is there anywhere online to listen to Love Me Right? My deluxe CD is arriving on Thursday apparently, so until then.
  18. Not sure how long this will be up, but

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