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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I feel like a lot of her unreleased work would fit well on this record, remastered

  2. ˆ If you mix all of these unreleased tracks you get Fun Tonight.
  3. Erm, no
  4. The Greatest isn't that far off 1000 Doves, Fun Tonight or Love Me Right vocally. Reworked with new production I think her vocal style and the nature of these songs fit right in. PARTYNAUSEOUS and Sour Candy could be siblings.
  5. I decided I want cheap videos for every song while we wait.

    Rip these vids Gaga

    Nñ I forgot they had Felly on the Get Up! video in case we missed her nooo
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  6. Free Woman has finally clicked, I had a moment before... and 1,000 Doves, I'm in love, this song is so, uh...
  7. Yesssss, rise up Little 1000 Dovesters
  8. Gaga calling Bey after poppin all the 911s.
  9. I am in possession of a pretty decent filtered acapella of Free Woman.

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  10. This album has brought me so much joy and relief in a deeply unhappy time. The mixed reaction here is genuinely surprising to me. The criticisms just don't match what I'm hearing on the record.
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  11. Same. The album is absolutely brilliant and exactly what I needed from Gaga right now. She delivered in spades.
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  12. This is fucking atrocious
  13. I liked the original instrumental but when you mix it with the finished version--whew, what a racket.
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  14. Both "Rain on Me" and "911" are... HUGE.
  15. I can’t believe he yas-queen’d her but same.
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  16. Rain On Me is vital. I actually think it might end up becoming one of Gaga's classic singles. Stupid Love is just fluff in comparison.
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  17. GLC


    Stupid Love is the only Lady Gaga single that actively got worse the longer I listened to it. I wasn't sure about Perfect Illusion, but I warmed up to it. What really soured me on Stupid Love was hearing that it was originally written for A Star Is Born - no wonder it sounded so impersonal. Rain On Me, OTOH, has only got better the more I've heard it.
  18. Stupid Love is an absolute sugar rush and I’ve come to love her.

  19. I shrieked.
    also THIS and I can't emphasis it enough.
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  20. DON'T
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