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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. The way she sounds like she’s about to fall apart
  2. Oh my gosh noooo.
    Women's voices always get a bit lower, Gaga's speaking voice clearly is a lot lower now so it's no surprise her singing dips a bit lower than it used to. Plus she dropped a lot of the "sing high like pop stars are supposed to sound" type voice after The Fame.
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  3. We love a classique in the making.
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  4. Ashamed to admit, but Free Woman (album mix) has wormed its way into my brain. It is the Pride song the coastal gays have been waiting for.
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  5. Initially the songs that sounded the most different to the rest easily became favorites (like Enigma and Replay) cause they stood out, but now that I’m more familiar with the “same-y” tracks like Free Woman and 1000 Doves they’re really climbing up my personal ranking.

    Alice continues to be just a very cute opener for me, though. It doesn’t have Free Woman’s delicious storytelling atmosphere and cigarettery or 1000 Doves’ classic topline and flawless vocal delivery. And the tired metaphor annoys me here way more than on Plastic Doll (again, because the latter has a much stronger structure and addictive verses and chorus). It’s still a very good dance song though, and sets the mood for the rest of the album perfectly, it’s just the track least rewarded by multiple listens so far.
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  6. Target got more copies of the vinyl in and I finally saw it in the flesh

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  7. Absolute catharsis
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  8. RMK


    I'm embarrassed to show up at my Target again knowing there hasn't been a single copy staying on the shelf.
  9. I would love for them to continue doing more videos for it down the line. Maybe a re-release and a new EP like The Fame/The Fame Monster?
  10. My copy has been delayed by Amazon (understandably). Glad I have Apple Music.
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  11. I just ordered the deluxe cd online cause my location always seems to be out of the special editions that get released that I want. I stopped in for a Diet Dr. Pepper run and wanted to see if more came in.
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  12. Walmart still does not have this album in my city. I am gay and this is an essential item. The fact I have ordered every version available on her store that will inevitably show up is irrelevant.

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  14. RJF


    Her pure sales are beastly. It’s incredible how consistently she’s shifted albums over the years as the medium becomes more and more sidelined.
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  15. Completely agree. So many on here who just want an album full of unfinished demos
  16. They'll be waiting awhile. Not to be morbid, But I can foresee Gaga putting out albums of cleaned up demos posthumously - whoever will be in charge of that decision knows the fans would totally buy that up.
  17. #1 song and #1 album in the US. We love a second imperial era.
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  18. Massive Sales ✔️
    Critical Acclaim ✔️
    Number Ones ✔️
    Bops ✔️
    Radio ✔️
    Dick ✔️
    No Tour ✔️

    I love this for her!
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  19. RJF


    Tryna be cute this week but y'all aren't helping.
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