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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Someone down the hall from me who was moving out knocked on my door asking if I had a screwdriver. They said they knew I was home because they heard music coming from my apt.

    It was Babylon ddd
  2. When is Chromatica TV out?
  3. Probably never gonna happen but I want to see a video for Replay.
  4. I like the melody and her voice on it. It's a 7 on an album of 4-6s.
  5. Me last week:
    - Meh Fun Tonight is filler

    Me this week:

    What happens now? I'm not okay

    And if I scream, you walk away

    When I'm sad, you just wanna play

    I've had enough, why do I stay?
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  6. No.
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  7. Enigma is an album highlight, sorry them's the rules xx
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  8. RMK


    Happy we're getting past this Plastic Doll erasure. Ironically, it was my instant favorite and now other songs have taken the crown (1000 Doves and 911).
  9. I'm with Gypsy on my mind the whole day too. Suddenly.
  10. This album wants to be Flesh Tone so bad.
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  11. I mean... yeah?

    She made a dance album for Joe Public and if people are loving it, great. My friend made an amazing comparison that resonated with me - I feel how some Madonna fans felt in 2005 when she followed up the bold American Life with the easier-to-digest Confessions. Both Confessions and Chromatica dig their heels into part of what people fell in love with about those artists, just neutered to the point where some of the boldness takes a backseat to accessibility.
  12. For all the posts I've seen about "not hearing" the influences, I don't mean to be a "well actually"-ass bitch, but...they're there. Much more subtle than I had anticipated in many places, but they are there.
  13. But Confessions was amazing and not.
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  14. Totally, I should clarify that I think Confessions was more successful, musically, at its attempt to reorient the public and casual fans around a core sound. Confessions benefits from better production and better songs, even though the sounds and lyrics sound like a regression compared to American Life. I meant less of the albums themselves, and more of the mission statements behind each of them.
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  15. Except this is.
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  16. The transition from Chromatica II to 911 is quite possibly one of the best musical moments Stefani Germonatta has ever put out.

    It SLAPS and if you think otherwise you’re wrong.
  17. So this was in my Discover Weekly

    I kinda don't want them to release the Haus Labs version of Babylon if it's just that sample with her vocals on top. I don't really trust them to have done anything interesting with it after hearing that sample everywhere online since the Haus Labs ad.
  18. I wonder if this picture is from the Free Woman or Babylon video given that this look doesn't appear anywhere else on the booklet...
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  19. How?
  20. I’m really over this album already. A sugar rush of faceless, basic bops that have had no longevity at all. I might have got more time out of the album had we been able to go out to the club or meet friends and have parties but that isn’t happening any time soon.
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