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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I genuinely don't hear what some of you are on about here. It's just like... a normal transition.
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  2. I declare that this has grown on me. There’s still a major run of songs in the middle I don’t care for but I can appreciate the highs of the album more now. It’s not going to stick with me as anywhere near her strongest, but it’s nowhere near her worst nadirs.
  3. I've spent a lot of time digesting the album and I have to say it easily sits #3, just millimetres above Joanne. I understand and hear (to a degree) the production "issues" but as a package, it's so succinct and tight. Perhaps the things happening in my personal life are amplifying my feelings for the album but the more I listen to it, the more it grows. Alice, Replay, and Plastic Doll were my initial non-single go-to's but I don't skip any of them. I'm impressed with the fact that Fun Tonight has grown so much on me.
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  4. Gaga’s call to action songs are always album highlights for me (except The Queen) so it’s no surprise Enigma ranks high up for me.
  5. RMK


    The build up it creates is fun and makes a good addition to the album, but yeah it's just a crossfade.
  6. The transition from Chromatica III to Sine From Above is the superior one anyway.
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  7. But wait at this being a bop
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  8. Plastic Doll gives me strong vibes that it's going to be the song that Gaga busts out the most goofy choreography to during a live performance.
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  9. This was a warning.

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  10. The transition itself doesn’t exist as such, but the effect of that instrumental building and then 911’s beat immediately kicking in, is utterly glorious.
  11. I know i'm crazy but I've started to hear the vocal-y bit on the Haus Babylon instrumental say "eh-enig-enig-enigma".... Anyone else hear it or... have I just not left the house in that long that i'm hearing things in the noise?
  12. It's totally Italo disco and also Eiffel 65. And it's great.
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  13. I haven't listened to this since Saturday (even then it was only my very faves) but now I've had Free Woman stuck in my head for the entire day. That cheap, buoyant synth won't LEAVE. Guess I'm adding it back to my lil playlist.
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  14. So glad to see that @dodoriazarbon, @RJF and I are all bopping to these cheap bops like the cheap facigarettes we tried to pretend we weren’t.
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  15. The way the state of the world AND my mental health rapidly deteriorating suspiciously coincided with this album beginning sounding good.
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  16. Not some indie act trying to snag some listens from Little Monsters dddd. The person responsible for the original sample must have seen a bump in their check lately due to Gaga.
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  17. I don't want to be that person but I wonder what this album would sound with a piano version. I think it would be quite an interesting Part 2 project, despite me not usually being here for that kind thing. There is a vulnerability to the writing that would translate well.
  18. I guess Flesh Tone and Chromatica are both big pop EDM albums so they're kindred spirits in a way but I don't think either album set out to do the same thing. Or necessarily pull from the same references. Flesh Tone is definitely spikier and more celebratory while Chromatica is glossy and has a more somber-ish vibe to it.
  19. To you.
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  20. This fucking album won't dislodge itself from my brain


    Fun Tonight is very visibly the worst song on the album and sits in a tier all alone (Plastic Doll and Stupid Love are in the tier above), Babylon and Sine From Above are the best, with 911, Enigma, and Replay not far behind.

    I think I like it as much as ARTPOP.

    Born This Way
    Fame Monster


    Joanne/The Fame

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