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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Bebe better stan!!

  2. If you’re looking for a Lockdown alternative to The Chromatica Ball...

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  3. Sam


  4. This is THE one, just what I wanted!
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  5. I wish every movie were Death Becomes Her.
  6. Are there any other prominent samples? All that's on whosampled is this and the loon from Babylon.

    Miss Ross being the backbone of Replay does bring me back to the thought I've had a lot this month about how this album could have greatly benefited by having a few more black people onboard.
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  7. Rain on Me features a prominent interpolation from the bassline of Gwen Mcrae’s All this Love that I’m Givin:

    Which was also sampled in Feeling For You by Cassius. It's particularly noticeable in this remix:

    That riff lowkey makes the song, working perfectly with the melodies. The (false) rumor before release was that it sampled Music Sounds Better With You but I think this is just as good tbh.
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  8. Rain On Me samples this:

    Although I think it's a replayed sample rather than a direct one?
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  9. Sine From Above needs serious “Waiting For Tonight” 90s Green lasers on tour!
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  10. Well I just received an email update from la Gaga, and she's signing cards, not booklets (which is what people paid for). Apparently demand has been overwhelming.
  11. That's amazing! I had no idea. Did they credit the song?
  12. Every single signed Gaga release I’ve received (Joanne, A Star is Born, Chromatica) has been a signed ‘art card’ which is basically the front cover of the album. It’s pretty much the norm. I’m sure when I ordered my Chromatica album it even said it came with a ‘signed album art print’ rather than a booklet.

    Why does it matter if it’s not the full booklet? Your CD will still come with a booklet and you can slide it in front the exact same?
  13. As the prophecy foretold, I received one of the “L” signed covers. Bless.
  14. We been knew since day 1. What are you being difficult for? The products on the site clearly said “autographed album cover” and the product details said too...
  15. No. I'm actually just looking for information regarding contacting my point of purchase for a refund or a rescheduled date.
  16. [​IMG]
  17. I emailed them last week wondering when I'd get some sort of update regarding when my signed CD would ship (I ordered it the moment they first went up on the shop) and got this response:

    "Thanks for reaching out to us! As noted in the product description, this item is a pre-order item and will be ship on December 31, 2020. Once it ships, you'll receive an email containing tracking information on your order."

    And I replied with the receipts and link to the current listing on the shop, saying said nowhere on there that it was shipping at the END OF THE YEAR dd. And mysteriously, the next day, I got a notification that it had shipped...
  18. Wait at me JUST hearing it, at 1:53. What a genius production element.
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