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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Hopefully someone is ripping the whole thing.
  2. Oh never mind, this is PDM's Diplo remix. I think it was a false alarm dd. Hoping we hear more Chromatica remixes soon though
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  3. Ddd may she never learn how to run like a human person.
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  4. NAWT them playing THIS CLIP

  5. Was that Nicola?
  6. Cackling at this being like the audience cams at baseball games, but for gays. The fans suddenly realizing they're on is kind of adorable
  7. SO we have confirmed new mixes for

    Alice (Ralphi Rosario)
    Free Woman (Extended)
    Stupid Love / Bad Romance
    Rain On Me (Purple Disco Machine)
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  8. I can’t rewind the live, damnit.
  9. Gaga work with Purple Disco Machine on original material if you haven't already challenge
  10. This whole mix is so good ugh
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  11. No one is prepared for the screen change dddddd
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  12. That was Nicola they showed after the Singapore ad thing! I wonder if anyone else on her team is on this
  13. The song choices are impeccable. I'm feeling very


    OOH and now it's going into MVNLINE @Synthline
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  14. The Jamie Lee Curtis backdrop is it for me
  15. The disco fantasia of it all. I'm bald you fucking asshole!
  16. One of them being a still of Sarah Michelle Gellar from Cruel Intentions... @mindtrappa you manage to get in girl?
  17. Is she done?
  18. Anybody else's audio quality kinda shit?
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  19. This truly makes me miss the energy of the club, especially the mixes. IMAGINE a sponsored by Budweiser Absolut bar club tour!
  20. Hopefully the remixes for "Rain On Me" drop Friday.... Pride weekend after all.
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