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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. This is an absolute fever dream that feels strangely befitting the way the album’s met our moment, and I’m living!
  2. Can You Feel It being that problematic bop still... tiktok_crydancing_girl.gif
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  3. Did DOSS already play thier set? I can't imagine they didn't remix Gaga
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  4. I was on a call and missed the code drop ":("
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  5. Wait at this bop, I've never heard it before?
  6. Living for Purple Disco Machine using a good 45% of his set to promote his work nn. Yes king!
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  7. PDM's remix of "Rain On Me" is VERY him. Subtle and very true to the original. BOP. Love the use of the end chorus loop too. Their vocals really shine on that part of the song.
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  8. I already know this Dee Diggs set is going to end me and it hasn't even begun
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  9. The viewer count on this...makes this feel oddly intimate for Lady Gaga.
  10. Could very well be an Axwell remix of "Free Woman" in the beginning, seeing as he produced the original?
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  12. NAWT "Let's Have a Kiki"

    Can't even listen to this song anymore thanks to Glee
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  13. Dd I just came up on the stream
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  14. it’s Turkey Lurkey time!
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  15. Were you the homosexual with their damn legs in the air for about five seconds before they realized they were on? dd
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  16. Hearing Lea Michele's "HUUUNTYYYY" did this song in for me
  17. Scream. I thought I was hallucinating.
  18. Not me realizing Kenya Moore's iconic tragedy Gone With The Wind Fabulous would mix perfectly into this set
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  19. No I was the cigarette in the neon green Chromatica tee heh
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