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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Why the hell does this album sound better on vinyl ? Shocked.
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  2. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Not having my Chromatica jockstrap and bandana shipped in time for my Pride weekend insta stories. Another betrayal this era!
  3. "Sine From Above" really needs to be a single. UK smash in the waiting.
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  4. This is mine:

    I don't know.... It seems fake to me, but anyway, I've seen some that are really similar to her signature even if it's just Lg and they look legit. The fact that they keep restocking these signed cards and some signatures is just an L or a cross or simply a scribble makes me think. I guess we'll never know, but some are atrocious.
  5. They wouldn’t go through the effort of having real people sign them when they could just easily use an autopen.
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  6. If anything Dua’s being so clear made me more suspicious, but it also took forever to restock so I’ll assume she really signed them a few copies a day...
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  7. This doesn't feature Gaga, but it was DOSS' mix played during the livestream for anyone interested @Andy French

  8. I actually now realized that every song has an ending and not a fade out which is amazing.
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  9. Dua's cards sold out, and I still haven't got mine and if I remember correctly it was exclusive to the UK store?. Gaga's card was available in ALL her stores, US, France, Germany, The Netherlands, UK and in numerous bundles. And they are still available after selling out many times and re-stocking forever.
  10. Just got mine today as well!
  11. Love Me Right does, but you’re right otherwise dd
  12. I listened to that one only once oops
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  13. "Love Me Right" is better than about three tracks on the standard, oop. NOT including the interludes.
  14. My top 5 now are:

    1) Alice
    2) Free Woman
    3) Rain on Me
    4) 1000 Doves
    5) Babylon

    All fucking bops.
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  15. As a The Cure superfan I have no choice but to agree.
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  16. Sine From Above not appearing on these top 5 lists you all are posting is offensive.

    For me it's:

    Sine From Above
    Rain on Me
    Fun Tonight or Babylon
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  17. Spotify has my Top 5 as:

    1. Rain On Me (with Ariana Grande)
    2. Alice
    3. 1000 Doves
    4. Sine From Above (with Elton John)
    5. 911

    I'll take it.
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  18. 1. Rain On Me
    2. Free Woman
    3. Babylon
    4. Sour Candy
    5. Alice​

    You’re right, that is the correct list.
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  19. My Top 5

    4.Sine From Above
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  20. When i first hear the album this one hit differently. It made me tear up a bit too. I think, in some ways, the song is the "heart" of the album.

    I lived my days just for the nights
    I lost myself under the lights
    When I was young, I felt immortal

    The way their voices come together for that part and the line "Before there was love, there was silence" hit hard
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