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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I can’t wait to see how the posters are handled (and the potential upset from fans with signed CDs) since they were far more limited
  2. Yeah the mistake here was making so many of them available. They could’ve easily capped it off at like 500. But again, I’d rather an L that’s actually signed than an autopen full signature
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  3. She'll probably do autopen from now on considering how much everyone is complaining.
    It was a free autograph...
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  4. Did the product description say the signed albums would have the legible words “Lady Gaga”? If you want a typography masterpiece maybe a massively signed batch of albums wasn’t the place to go, for all I know she could sing with an X and if it was her you’re getting what you bought.
  5. When I got mine my reaction was amusement because of how silly it is, But understanding of why she signed them like that. To go to anger is just... doing too much for a free autograph.
    Like think of it, we now own the infamous scribble autographs... I will treasure it always.
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  6. Complaining about signatures is the 'what is your Born This Way singles run' of this era I guess.
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  7. Well, anyone who really knows Gaga knows that from day one her signature was inconsistent. I don't remember anyone complaining when she signed her album as her dead aunt.

    You can always buy an autograph from a dealer if its so important to you that its genuine and pretty

  8. Britney representing the bending, squirming and wriggling the girls are doing to make excuses for the lame signatures.
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  9. Well, moving on, I hope my Daisies signed vinyl comes with her full intelligible name. Gimme hope, Katherine.
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  10. Sis there's a river of distance between getting an album signed 'XOXO Joanne' and '-'.

    I don't really get the appeal in signatures if you didn't wait outside of a venue to get it in person, but a signature that couldn't even qualify as half assed made in the comfort of her own home is a pretty pathetic.
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  11. I don’t think the line or dot are real though. The L is lazy, but as people mention it’s free and just an added bonus. Nobody paid $100 for a beautiful signature
  12. It was free so people shouldn’t complain too much. For myself signatures are only important if I actually got them in person. It’s about the experience I had meeting the person and getting the signature.
  13. The line and dot ones are from troll accounts.

    I mean, she's still serving


    but I don't think there are any that have been that awful
  14. It was free for the US, as I said some days ago, I ordered the deluxe from the French store and it was 7€ extra if I wanted the signed card, the same with the vinyls, if you wanted the card you had to pay extra. For the German store, the same.
    You do the math, they have earned a few thousand euros more thanks to these "signed" cards.
    Mine was an average Lg, so I got over it.
    Can we talk now about the nEw WaRiAnTs??? No signed card necessary
  15. Okay this is probably this thread's jumping the shark moment.

    It being her Femme Fatale era confirmed.
  16. I listened to the album for the first time in shuffle.

    It felt wrong.
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  17. Did she vanish after the Paper Magazine event or am I missing something? *Skull emoji*
  18. She postponed the tour and wished Ariana a Happy Bday 3 days ago.
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  19. RJF


    I mean, the signature thing is a bit valid. If you ordered a signed CD (regardless of whether or not it was technically free because it cost the same as a regular CD) purely for the fact it was signed, a hasty L, not even LG, is a bit disappointing. If they were across the board the same, it would maybe be more understandable, but it must be a bit of a slap in the face to see fans with full names on their booklets. It's not the end of the world, but defending it is also ridiculous. I can't believe I've seen people cite their own injuries sustained by doing their actual jobs eight hours a day, five days a week, and someone actually argue that no one was promised a legible signature and you should be grateful she deigned to even give you an L. Like, yas! Read us with terms and conditions! Fine print us to filth!

    Like, it's a kii and a mess but also a bit of a poor show. Some things don't need or deserve defending. It's not like she's been going anywhere or doing anything but sitting on her finished album in her mansion, and she even got a two month extension (which of course was used to make all this high quality merch!). Like... sign a couple hundred, put some ice on your poor battered wrist, and go back to it. Hell, get your fucking man to tag in and do a few dozen. But I don't think quality was anyone's priority with... literally any of the merch for this album, so work I guess.
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