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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. @RFJ Yeah but people were treating it as an offense or scam, which it isn’t. It’s annoying, yes, but it’s not a tragedy. You yourself said it’s a “bit disappointing” so what’s the big deal if some of us think it’s not as horrendous as some users are making it out to be?
  2. I mean whether your wrist is throbbing or not, signing the L in that way categorically is a piss poor effort, sort of an ‘oh this will do they’ll take whatever’ type of attitude on her part. If you’re happy with that cool, it is abit of an oh whatever moment...but it’s okay for other people to be disappointed, and I mean, it’s not really free is it? They’ve still paid money. I’d be disappointed I think.
    Ah I don’t know, the half assed L kinda just sums up a lot of this campaign to be honest.
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  3. I can't believe we're still talking about this damn "L" thing.
  4. RJF


    It is a bit of an offence and a scam when you can see other people on Twitter with full names who merely had the luck to have their order fulfilled with the booklets at the top of the box. Not a big one, but I understand the disappointment and the frustration. If you buy anything and you take it out the box and it's broken and you see someone else bought the same thing and paid the same price but got it in good condition, you'd be rightfully annoyed. You wouldn't be like, "Oh well, the box never said the contents would be good condition." and just accept it was luck of the draw. Especially if you had waited longer for it.
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  5. Getting annoyed by people complaining about the lackluster/disappointing/scribbled signature that they paid for, while being frustrated and dragging her Enigma wigs and outfits to filth at the same time is a bit hypocritical, huh?
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    I'm sorry, is there something else happening in this album campaign at the moment that you would like to discuss? We can discuss the Chromatica finger pillow if you want! Or maybe the Chromatca label on the vinyl?
  7. I can be surprised we're still talking about the "L" thing without wanting to talk about something else!
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  8. I was kinda pissed about the Joanne signature actually nn. Partly why I didn’t buy the signed album this time around.
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    It really isn't that deep. When you think autograph, you don't think of a barely eligible, scribbled L initial. If you're ordering an autograph copy from anyone, it's obviously not going to make or break your appeal for them, but it is a warranted disappointment. If I ordered one I'd probably call it a kii, but everyone has a right to feel that way; they spent money and it looks like that.

    Like, yes, it's great this isn't an autopen! But in general the standard for autographs has always been that.. The artist signs it. I'm happy she's not using that tactic, but it also doesn't change this scenario.
  10. She ordered the "CHROMATICA Album & Signed Booklet" a couple of months ago.
    They only gave her the "L" signed card.
    I'd wished they'd only given me the "L" signed card.
  11. I swear any criticisms/disappointment about the campaign in this thread, seem to immediately get dismissed. It’s abit much.
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  12. I feel pleased she signed mine as LG, now.
  13. I have the full Lady Gaga signature. Hoping my U.S. copy is just a Z
  14. All this over a fucking signature when Madge got a free pass for popping on stage 3 hours late every night after charging $500 for a seat and exclusive access to the carrot and dry humous buffet...
  15. [​IMG]
  16. the correlation?
  17. If y’all want a break from the signature discourse, the podcast Switched On Pop has done an episode breaking down the album!

  18. Direct; that nobody who was OK with that should have an issue with a free signature being half-arsed as though it matters at all

    Using the word scam is some next level gay hysteria.
  19. Just because there’s other stuff going on in the world, doesn’t mean people can’t drag her for the absolute non-effort of the signature.

    And while, yes, it was “free”, buying the album off her official store cost more than buying it in (an online) store and came pretty late.
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