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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Well that ugly baby pillow definitely is a scam. 55 Dollar. Greedy Punk. The L is mostly just lazy. And by the way most people weren’t okay with Madonna being late. Silly comparison.
  2. Right thread for it.
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  3. nn the exact reason I re-considered, and also the insane monthslong wait for it to arrive
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  4. RJF


    The fumes.
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  5. Did anyone else order any of the Rain on Me merch? I pre-ordered one of the tees and seem to remember something about shipping on the 30th June but cant seem to find the confirmation email to check...
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  6. Me getting sad when Sophie Ellis-Bextor didn't put a drawing on my signed Familia album tea.
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  7. “911” is such an ARTPOP cut, and all the better for it. It would have totally fit in sound and lyric-wise.
  8. Late but I've been thinking about this all day - the little "i" stroke is the only part that's not connected to the other parts so I guess they forgot to select it when the copied the object in illustrator.

    (Imagine being the team member that hastily drops into specs for an ugly pillow and sends it off to a Chinese manufacturer without the stroke on the i. What a life.)
  9. The brain worms at work in me thinking this was going to say "Did anyone else order any of the Rain on Me merch? I thought the Rain On Me merch was lovely." Good luck hon.
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  10. Vinyls in my email say they don't ship til August 26th & September 2nd (picture disc and yellow vinyl respectively)
  11. I stanned her signing copies of Joanne as Joanne, because of course she would. Every era’s autographs have their little quirks – it really is like she’s a whole different person each time.
  12. Random, unsolicited opinion: I wish Gaga worked with better choreographers. She's got this really solid album with a few absolute house stunners. I hold out hope that we'll get something a bit more sophisticated for future videos -- some real dance and not the usual hyperactive, dancercise / rhythmic fight choreography. It always looks so... effortful.
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  13. We will get Richie until the end of time and we will deal.
  14. I know the perfect person for the job!

  15. I genuinely don't understand how people can't see "Bad Romance" as her peak choreography. The monster claw step-and-twist. The alligator clapping. These are simple, effective and--importantly--easy for fans to mimic on their own.
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  16. Boomkack knew how to make easy and memorable choreography that fit each song. Bad Romance and Judas are my favorite work of hers. Richie looks like a great guy but his choreography is too frantic and overstuffed and Gaga just ends up looking like she's flailing around.
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  17. I really hope we get a music video for "Free Woman".
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  18. I would take anything at this point.
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  19. "Rain On Me" remix package please & thank you!
  20. I think the Venus V shape hand thing, the Applause clapping, even the hand/arm movements to G-U-Y or even some of the Rain On Me dance moves like the jumping and the hand thing her and Ariana do where they bend forward then put their finger up and drag it down.
    Her memorable moves didn't just stop with the Born This Way era. ... They did stop with Joanne. And I don't particularly like the Stupid Love choreography. But I think she's still got potential to have iconic dance moves.
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