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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I’m well aware. But we aren’t talking about how “invested” they were. There’s quite a bit of a difference between having something filmed and in a vault, like “Do What U Want” and... the total opposite of that. “The Edge of Glory” is not an unreleased music video because that other footage doesn’t exist.

    The only other real unreleased music videos she has is the one for the country version of “Born This Way” that we got a tiny snippet of.
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  3. I personally don’t think they had any plans for additional vinyl copies on release, they may have had some mock ups in place for last minute sales but didn’t feel the need to launch a 4 month preorder when the numbers came through.

    The news about a new version with an actual cover seems very Fan Demanded Version they only considered after it’s release, and I doubt we’ll hear more about that until around the holidays/Black Friday.
  4. She outsourced it to Aquaria:
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  5. What a shame.
  6. Nah, there were – even the ads for the album tease “additional formats”

    With all the talk from producers of remixes and new songs coming to the Chromatica universe, they’re probably holding off until what I imagine is some sort of deluxe re-release situation later on in the year.
  7. Every time I think of the "extra content" and then remember it's Gaga, I get a little giggle inside my head. The album is still top10 and they're still pushing "signed postcards" isn't it? Once it drops, they'll have the perfect timing. Maybe with the third single\video trying to get it back on rails.
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  8. A re-release sort of thing might actually be a good idea... y'know... Since she's not touring this album until next summer. Might as well put out a rerelease with some extra things to perform on tour that aren't over a year old by the time that rolls around.
  9. I don’t see why that matters. Born This Way Ball happened an entire year after the album was released. This re-release thing is something that’s starting to trend again because it gives the albums a boost on streaming. Both Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are other artists that had experiments with it earlier this year. Dua has one on the way, and so does Doja Cat. Gaga will just be another in a longer line.
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  10. Wait what?!? What clip? Where can I see this?

    Also did I imagine this or did you also say there was a ‘Scheibe’ unreleased video in the Gaga graveyard of betrayals?

  11. FAME commercial is basically Scheiße (a b is not the same as a ß - you can write ss (double s) instead of ß if you can't find it.)
    A few fan edits have it or so.
  12. Another tip for @superglowy and anyone else, if you’re on here on an iPhone you can get the “ß” by holding the lowercase “s”.
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  13. I remember Mindtrappa saying that she filmed a video for it that was unreleased, so that’s what I’m enquiring.
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  14. This....did not work. Does it really offend girls? I’m just trying to get tea if a video exists.
  15. Oh, that’s odd... maybe it’s a Regional thing for the English keyboard (Mine is US). I’ve been doing it for a while now (and did it when I posted the response).
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  16. Thanks anyway for trying. Appreciated.
  17. It's not offensive one could argue to the German language but alas. It's just a small tip.
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  18. Oh my god. This is so great.
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  19. Which means we’re probably still not getting this cover for the vinyl. In fact after how well the current ones sold they probably thought “what a great idea this was” and we’re not getting a cover for a re-release either. Then again I’m not holding my breath for a re-release anyway.
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