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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. RMK


    So, just a little commercial update.

    - UK Chart Run Rain On Me: 1-2-2-2-2-3-3 (iconic)
    - Rain On Me is now top 15 on Overall Radio, rising as Gaga's best since Shallow at #10 and Applause at #7
    - Rain On Me is at #11 on Pop Radio, where Stupid Love peaked and we should make top 10
    - Media Traffic Midyear Report, Chromatica is already the 19th best selling album of the year worldwide
  2. Imagine if Gaga actually bothered to lift a finger to promote it.
  3. ROM video looks so much better on Tidal. I don't understand why YT compresses videos so much.
  4. So that people can watch in countries where data still costs a lot.
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  5. Can they at least release some recorded performances or.....anything? I really like how she became secretive/less transparent these days compared to her pre-2014 self, but it’s getting ridiculous sis. 5 weeks since the album came out and she hasn’t really acknowledged it since the 2nd day? It was totally understandable at first but now everyone seems to be back to performing and promoting their work.

    ....In other news, Rain On Me finally went Top 10 on Pop radio. Her first since Do What U Want (!!!!).
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  6. throwback
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  7. I mean, this was before Black Lives Matter took necessary precedence in the media
  8. #WeLoveYouGaga has been trending on Twitter for a few hours.
    I'm not sure exactly what inspired it, but it is nice to see the fanbase be not toxic and negative for once.
  9. It started because someone started a rumor that she wasn’t promoting because something was wrong with her health wise.
  10. "Shallow" never made Top 10 on Pop Radio?
  11. RMK


    Top 10 on Overall, especially lifted up by Hot AC/AC formats. Pop radio was always an uphill battle, it wasn't until after the Oscars and number one peak it got pushed to #19.
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  12. What a shame! I can see Pop being reluctant to pick up a soundtrack single from Lady Gaga, but once it took off, they should have bandwagoned.
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  13. Wow, how huge is this?
  14. I wonder if she'll add more ASIB tracks to the Chromatica Ball date in France, purely for how much they love this album.

    It's the first international female to go Diamond since Adele's 25 (2015). Amazing really.
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  15. Artists paying attention to regional hits? Never experienced.
    Was it dubbed in France, I wonder.
  16. I saw it in the cinema in France on holiday and it was just subtitled.
  17. Gaga changing up a setlist? It’s not realistic.
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  18. Edith Piaf who
  19. Always Remember Us this Way, the #1 that got away.
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  20. I haven’t kept up on the thread very well, but is there any validity to the rumblings of a Death Becomes Her remake with Goo in the Isabella Rossellini role? Because...
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