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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

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  3. Sam


    Better wash away my sins x
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  4. The sequel to G.U.Y certainly escalated quickly.
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  5. Purple Disco Machine and Ralphi Rosario mixes of Rain on Me are out midnight local time.

    The former sounds great actually from the preview. Slightly slower BPM and some extra production flourishes that push it in a subtle disco direction. Excited to hear in full.
  6. “Free Woman” remix by Honey Dijon (@Andy French) coming also, as well as the Ellis remix of “Stupid Love”
  7. Shaking at the thought of that Honey Dijon mix.
  8. Really? it’s the only one from the album that I have taken off my ‘current’ playlist. 911 is teetering.
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  9. “Enigma” deserves a delete, bb.
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  10. No I LOVE Enigma!
  12. My current ranking after a few weeks:

    Rain On Me
    Stupid Love
    Sine From Above
    Free Woman
    Sour Candy
    Fun Tonight
    Plastic Doll
    1000 Doves
  13. Sorry, ladies. It’s gotta go. Absolutely kills the album dead midway through.
  14. How could a song as electric as Enigma possibly "kill the album". It's fab.
  15. It’s boring.
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  16. I think I asked for a Honey Dijon take on Free Woman when we did our fantasy remixes a few weeks ago in this thread so consider me perched as fuck for that (and both Rain On Me mixes). Shaking and crying.
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  17. *Babylon loon sound*
  18. Is Free Woman the next single?
  19. Is there anywhere to preview the remixes? I'm perched.
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  20. Are the Free Woman and Stupid Love mixes coming tonight as well?
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