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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I love Purple Disco Machine.
  2. RJF


    This thread is my favourite comedy released this year.
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  3. I want my thong
  4. Sisqo's girl while living la vida loca.
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  5. I’m guessing this is all probably related to that Zoom contest or whatever it was

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  6. Out of the two I prefer the Ralphi Rosario remix. The Purple Disco Machine one just kind of fizzled out for me and didn't go anywhere. They are pretty basic for dance remixes though.
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  7. These remixes are terrible as expected. The era keeps on giving!
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  8. Listened to the remixes.
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  9. Ralphi muting Ariana's adlibs on the bridge and her verse on his remixes irk me to no end....
  10. The Purple Disco Machine remix of Rain On Me slaps, sorry girls them’s facts!
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  11. Has anyone received their Chromatica face mask yet?
  12. the Sour Candy one? None of that merch shipped and won’t for at least a month
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  13. I love Chromatica to death but the Rain mixes are so dull, I was hoping someone would tap onto the melancholy underneath the upbeat instrumental but they went with the two most boring directions.
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  14. I'm an avid interlude lover, but I've never seen this?
  15. Replay is one of the best thing she's ever done? It truly sounds like a lost summer classic.
  16. Where is Side B; this has mostly been so ephemeral in the worst kind of way.

  17. The F-WORDtry. Yas gaga
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  18. R92


    It's funny how this album may still be my most-listened-to by play count for this year, but the barrage of incredible work from Chloe x Halle, Jessie Ware, HAIM, and The Chicks in the past few weeks alone have basically pushed this out of my mind. It's still a good album, but it feels weird being completely non-invested in a Gaga album (Cheek to Cheek not withstanding) for probably the first time I started stanning her, though I'm sure a large part of that is just the lack of any "extracurricular" content. I'm really hoping that if they're intending to reboot the campaign around more content, it'll pull me back in.
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