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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. The way both Chromatica II into Buttons and Chromatica II into Can't Get You Out of My Head are big TikTok trends right now, and it's labelled as "#violintransition".....

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  2. I'm imagining they're doing digital printing so any color outside of the CMYK range will be more muted and desaturated. I doubt they'd Pantone spot color any of her merch, sadly – which is unfortunate considering the art direction of this era is full of "illegal" colors.
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  3. "Rain On Me" has been removed from the Top 40 page on Play IGA, so they're probably about to gear up for the 3rd single soon. It was about a month between "Stupid Love" being removed and "Rain On Me" being announced, although they were obviously still waiting to drop that a week before the album. Ideally this will be a bit sooner.
  4. Not #violintransition! Scream.
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  5. RMK


    I mean, radio stalled out and it's peaked, but they really didn't bother trying for longevity in any way which is a shame. They just let it fall on every metric. Releasing remixes led to a pretty decent increase, so thinking of what promotion could've done... Who knows if it'll even chart for 20 weeks now.
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  6. I hope the sour candy merch does indicate that we're getting SC as the next single. I need a video so bad
  7. Many nominations being announced today!
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  8. Best Quarantine Performance - Smile dddd.
  9. Maybe they’ll use the VMAs as a moment to re-launch the campaign / kick off the third single? I assume she’s gonna win at least one award, after all...
  10. I forgot this even happened and thought they were trolling

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  11. After all these years of relative silence from MTV suddenly she’s in again. If she gets the Vanguard the one year (so far) everyone will pretty much be at home... ah yes. Just our luck.

    LG7 time? No? Just me. 2026 it is...
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  12. She's not getting the Vanguard this year but hopefully they can work it out one year when a live performance (with a crowd, where she thrives) is possible
  13. RJF


    I'm... devastated for her. I mean this will require posting about her pop career at least once on her Instagram stories. And when she's got so much on her plate at the moment with everything she's doing for the world? Ugh. A saint. We truly don't deserve her.
  14. Artist of the year...
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  15. She’ll go to New York for the event... right?
  16. Sis
  17. Yes?
  18. Will there be a physical, in person ceremomy or will they just hand out the awards via Zoom and have a few at-home performances?
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