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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. This era is like that scene in Final Destination on the freeway with the logs, it’s one disaster after another but you can’t help but just keep looking at it ddd
  2. RMK


    The Rose Bowl would've been a different situation than The Chainsmokers. Get security. At least that's how my deluded eyes choose to see it. We lost, again.
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  3. That's really annoying, sorry to hear. Hope you still have a good time with the main event happening though.
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  5. Oh it’ll be great. Just annoying now having this linger over it a tad.
  6. Are we sure that's not just some Voss events free press scammery.
  7. I believe it's Page Six that Gaga's camp leaks stories to (they were also the ones to reveal she would be jumping from the roof at the Super Bowl), so probably not.
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  8. I’d also thought this, in a potential desperate final attempt to push tickets.
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  9. The Chainsmokers fucking up my happiness once again? Unbelievable.
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  10. Having to even read the name ‘The Chainsmokers’ in 2020....enough.gif
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  11. She must be contaminating our timeline if plans keep getting canceled. It's the universe's way of saying the era is just not meant to be.
  12. How can any of you even advocate that event taking place right now? It should be cancelled. It may be one of the actual smart decisions she's made. Fix the worms, Jesus.
  13. I really don’t see an issue with drive-in events if people stay in their cars, as they’re meant to.
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  14. If you mean the Drag event it's a drive-in one. Audience will be miles away (from anyone ddd).
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  15. I saw some stories of this event and the crowd was gathered by the main stage

  16. It was Vanjie and Crystal.
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  17. I think Gaga should just start making up cancelled performances.

    “Oh yeah, Me and Ariana were gonna perform on the MOON but then they closed it off to people from other rocks because of social distancing worries.”
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  18. I think I need a break from her.

    I mean, that basically what she’s serving us anyway.
  19. I'm still confused why she hasn't done a live stream performance from her house. Gaga of old would've done it.
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  20. She is extremely busy running a makeup empire I’ll have you know.
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