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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. But she has, and it’s VMA nominated

  2. That was for a benefit and I understand she feels there are other more important things to focus on right now in the world, but I'm still shocked she hasn't done anything in connection to Chromatica, performance-wise.
  3. I was kidding.

    Based on them booking that performance, she’s seemingly ready to step out again, so they’ll probably figure something out. Although I could also easily see her not wanting to do anything if it’s not the spectacle she’s used to putting on and just wait for the VMAs.
  4. Gaga on her way to cancel her next promo opportunity.
  5. She really is Lady She Was Gonna, But.
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  6. I wonder if she'll attend the VMAs. I really want her to be there, perform and win every single award, but we know she's not really comfortable being out yet, so I don't know what to expect.
  7. With nine nominations, surely she must. I don't know, but something's got to give. This album still has so much potential.
  8. I yelped
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  9. “When I see a Little Monster......I FLOOR IT!”

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  10. So, if they were due to perform, we can assume they've been together to rehearse. Was that kept totally under wraps? If so, colour me shocked that it was missed.

    If we don't get to see a Rain On Me performance now, because of the fucking Chainsmokers, fuck my life.
  11. Gaga and Ari did hint at more stuff coming back when the remixes dropped, promising to “keep the rain going all summer long” – I assume this was to mean the Rose Bowl appearance and possibly doing something for the VMAs

    Marta (Gaga’s stylist) and Cycy (Gaga’s personal videographer) are both back in L.A., so something was definitely going down.
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  12. Um, the new Haus Labs ads are kind of a serve for once.

    Second one is album cover worthy.

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  13. I'm glad they finally got enough products out to make her actually look good in the makeup as opposed to when they only had liquid shadows to use by themselves.
    Also love this hair.
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  14. Probably meant to coincide with the performance we aren’t getting tonight nn
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  15. This little TikTok promo... truly seize the hair-flipping footage, set it to some of her music, and I will call it a serve, I am so parched.
  16. Can you remember the time when she was the front-runner among her peers?

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  17. How did Lady Gaga become so bad at being a pop star?
  18. R92


    That hair is great, at least. I'll take whatever little victories I can get these days cuz it's not like we're getting anything else.
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