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Lady Gaga - Chromatica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I can't believe this is really happening like this still. I mean...
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  2. Still in awe at how this photo made it out in an official capacity
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  3. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Lady Gaga really got her #1 single and album, packed up Chromatica and told all the gays to sign up for her Red Jacket Mary Kay line.
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  4. The fact Ellie Goulding has promoted her last album more than Gaga... I'd be taking acoustic sessions from the toilet at this point. I don't know the last time I heard the album - not because I don't like it, but because it sounds very much in tune to the way she acts right now: aloof and doing the bare minimum.
  5. Didn't you just change your username for her? See when you do clownery!
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  6. I can't believe we were FINALLY going to get something and it got ruined by the Chainsmokers...our luck dd. Hopefully they do something else, they need to just film a performance somewhere.
  7. That hair color is amazing and the eye look is cute... if only this was for something Chromatica related.
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  8. If you said ten years ago she’d seem this... uninterested in music, I don’t think any of us would have believed you. It used to feel so vital to her existence, that she couldn’t live without it. Now it just feels like a mild inconvenience of other things she’s doing. No matter how many times you can hear “the music saved my life”, the results don’t merge with the philosophy.

    I’m hopeful she can reignite her passion and find some of that drive again down the line - I’m also hopeful she still has her best work in her, but with the current situation considered I’m not holding my breath either. Maybe she needs to take a break like Bey after 4 and find what makes her tick again? I don’t know. But where we go from here doesn’t feel especially promising. It’s mostly worrying to me that as a result of the album being lapped up even with the bare minimum effort put into it, that this is our lot in the future. A disappointing place to be in but if she doesn’t seem to care all that much, it’s easier to do the same.
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  9. She looks gorgeous in those new photos. The pink and purple hair is a perfect combo on her. UGHH just release an EP of 10 new songs already!
  10. I mean, I wouldn't say she's uninterested in music.
    She had performances planned, a tour planned, i'm sure more television spots planned all before this pandemic. The problem isn't that she is uninterested in the music or this album, It's that a bunch of shit happened in the world and that she has failed/chosen not to adopt an album campaign to fit into it. That, to me, doesn't say she's uninterested in music. It reads she is uncharacteristically unadaptable right now, which is not something i'd expect to think of her either.
    Hopefully there was more on the calendar than just this one cancelled performance. And hopefully it's soon.
  11. RJF


    Oop! There it is!
  12. I *personally* feel she’s entirely uninterested in the music honestly. Would she ever typically let an album be passed from producer to producer and prodded and tweaked like she did this one with almost no production credits of her own? She’s far too much of a control freak usually for that to happen which speaks volumes on her investment in this one.

    It very much reminds me of MDNA, where there were other things going on in their respective side careers at the time and the producers have been somewhat left to their own devices and as a result of it, it’s hard to find her in the mix. The lyricism is excellent and past a few standout tracks that’s where it stops.

    All of this talk of things coming, things coming doesn’t change the fact that nothing has yet. If she was really invested in this album and it had saved her life etc etc, I think she’d be fighting like hell to get it out there and make an impression. It has felt for quite a while now like it was a necessity to get it out rather than a burning desire. Maybe it’s just been an off period - but we’ll never know anytime soon. And none of it changes the fact the whole campaign feels trite and past it’s sell by date, when she was once the innovator of the pack.
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  13. *bops to the album and ignores all this discourse over makeup because it’s an easy side hustle for her to do which doesn’t put her health at risk during a global pandemic*
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  14. I still like the song!
  15. Eh, comparing it to MDNA on any level (once again) is extremely inaccurate, considering Madonna was barely present during that whole process. Those songs were handed to her pretty much finished and her name was slapped on the credits. We have the demos to prove it. Completely different approach than what Chromatica is. Putting all this stock in Gaga having production credits is really doing a bit much, honestly. That has nothing to do with her level of investment and it just strips her of any autonomy when she still wrote the music and clearly put a lot into the lyrical content. Just because her name isn't in the liner notes doesn't mean she wasn't present or involved.
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  16. RMK


    To think there was a plan in place. If Ariana's also willing to perform they could just pre-record something together in a studio, and launch it on their own channels. There's ways around all of this. If they're waiting for the VMAs, I hope she's serving a Lemonade medley or Rihanna performing three times. The way they've bulldozed a number one song and album... I'm still in disbelief.
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  17. At least the promo pics look nice. Ok back to page 4 with you Chromatica.
  18. Well we’ll just have to agree to disagree. I have praised the lyrical content both in my post and in the past but I personally think it’s more an album of the numerous producers who have dabbled with it playing dress up with her sound as opposed to her being the driving force as she has been in the past - rather than the producers bending to her will like in Fashion! it’s really the other way around for me this time. At large it doesn’t sound like a Gaga album - anyone could have made it.

    But all of that is separate to the half-hearted campaign.
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  19. I think individually most of the songs sound more or less like Gaga songs. Like, if new pop star Jane Doe recorded Plastic Doll and I found out it was a Gaga song I'd probably say "ok, I can hear it". What got lost to me is all the claims that they were making an album inspired by 90's house music but with some "grit". There's really nothing tying these songs together. It's just a collection of dance pop songs and they most certainly have no grit. And there's nothing wrong with that! I'm down for something thats more a collection of potential hits rather than a "body of work". But don't try it sell it to me as something thats not there.

    However all that said, if they release Free Woman as the 3rd single then I want the single edit to be a beefed up version of the demo. Sorry to be all "Rebel Heart thread" about it, but anytime I listen to the album version and that cheap Kygo drop comes I just think " This is not it".
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